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Strengthen confidence, self-worth and self-love with the 7th sense – Daily Affirmations app, created by Che, medium and MD.

Do you feel stuck in the relentless treadmill of your negative thoughts?
This app helps you to change negative thought patterns, develop courage and create success. The app is especially created to empower you and assist you on your road to inner growth and spiritual development.

The 7th sense – Daily Affirmations app gives you 4 functions that will change your life:

1. Daily positive affirmations
2. Awareness Journal
3. Method to heal your inner child
4. Motivation and Inspiration feeds


Most of us are prone to negative thinking. This leads to all kinds of physical and mental health issues, such as stress, anxiety, depression and sleep problems or a general feeling of not being well.
The daily use of affirmations is a proven method to rewire your brain and instill positive thoughts. Affirmations invoke what is known as ‘the law of attraction’, which enables you to be the creator of your own life.

This app offers you over 700 affirmations in 43 different categories which allow you to work on different topics at the same time. The audio files help you experience the affirmations in sound. You can also create your own ‘I am’ affirmations and choose from many different backgrounds to reflect your state of mind.

Set the reminders at any moment of the day to stay refreshed in your body, mind, and spiritual system. Start every morning with a new affirmation and maintain your focus on this intention so as to enable your empowerment.


Writing in itself is a form of self-therapy. By using the awareness journal, you can now record your thoughts on the go.
Feel inspired and use your creativity to personalize this journal by uploading your affirmations, pictures, video, audio or sound. Use the share button to share your experiences with others. You can also use the awareness journal as your vision board.

Writing is healing! It can quickly relieve you from stress and anxiety. It helps you to become more aware of your innermost thoughts, to discover your passions and to set and achieve your ‘dream’ goals.

Write about positive things that happened during the day and acknowledge the things you feel grateful for. Choosing the journal colors daily will give you immediate insight into your state of mind.


The Three Lane Road method is the most practical and effective method to heal your inner child as it consistently removes the damaged child from your system. It changes negative energy and negative feelings into positive energy and positive actions quickly and effectively.

The 7th sense – Daily Affirmations app is the only app that brings you in contact with your soul and highest consciousness and strengthens this connection. It enables you to build self-confidence and self-love so that you can enter into a new relationship with yourself and others.


Chetanya de Wit MA MD (Che) had a transformative revelation during an illness in which her gift of clairvoyance suddenly emerged. She retired from her medical practice to devote herself to helping people by using the clarity of her extraordinary vision. She is now an internationally renowned medium and visionair.

Che harnesses her unique abilities in the service of alleviating human suffering in practical ways, and developed this app to make enlightenment, empowerment, love and happiness accessible to everyone.
The 7th sense – Daily Affirmations app gives you direct access to Che’s insights and inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

Terms of Service: https://bit.ly/3BOJ1ts
Privacy Policy: https://bit.ly/3Wzmglc
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