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eCurrency is far more than an easy to use currency converter and handy calculator. It supports over 200 popular currencies; works without active internet connection and even supports custom rates. eCurrency offers rich graphical charts for all exchange rates and supports calculations with historical exchange rates, making this the perfect tool for business, overseas travel and for anyone interested in currency trading.

eCurrency offers the following features:

► Easy-to-use appealing interface
► One screen for all major functionalities
► Designated keypad for fast number entry; plus a handy built-in math’s calculator
► Configures up to 8 converters; swipe through as on the iPhone‘s home screen
► Supports over 200 currencies (for a full list see:
► Detailed graphical charts for all exchange rates (1-week, 1-month, 3-months, 6-months, 1-year, 2-years, and 5-years)
► Automatic setting of home currency and number formatting
► Reliable functionality: No active internet connection required
► Exchange rates automatically updated on startup (Automatic update can be deactivated to avoid roaming costs)
► Supports custom exchange rate entry
► One touch reverse currency conversion
► Special ‘shake to inverse calculation’ feature
► Select and create a list of preferred currencies for fast access

==Easy to use interface==
eCurrency interface is designed for ease of use. Just start the application and type in the amount you want to convert and eCurrency converts instantly. Tap on one of the flags to change the currency you want to convert to. A built-in calculator allows for math calculations. The current exchange rate and rate change compared to the previous day is conveniently displayed in the main interface.

==Favorites Support==
eCurrency supports over 200 currencies. The “Favorites” functionality allows you to define the currency pairs you use as favorites. To create a new favorite go into the “Settings” and touch the “+” Button. You can swipe through all your favorites on the main calculation interface just as you swipe the pages on the iPhone’s home screen.

== Charts and Historic Rates==
eCurrency provides detailed historical charts for all exchange rates. Just rotate the device to landscape, to view the chart for the active currency pair. You can switch the chart display between a 1-week, 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, 1-year, 2-year or 5-year period. Tap on the chart to display the exact exchange rate tor a particular day. Tap and hold to use a specific exchange rate for historic calculations.

== Exchange Rate Updates ==
eCurrency updates exchange rates automatically on every start-up or on demand. You can turn off automatic updates to avoid roaming costs. The conversion and calculation functionally works completely offline using the latest downloaded exchange rates; the display of historical charts requires an active internet connection.

==Rates Provider==
eCurrency is not dependant on any single data-source. The application obtains its exchange rates from our self-developed Currency-Provider-engine that aggregates rates data from multiple sources to secure the reliability of exchange rate updates.

== Tutorial & Support==
On the first startup a short self-running demo is displayed to introduce you to the app. We appreciate any reviews or comments you may have on eCurrency in iTunes. If you have any questions please contact us directly, as we are unable to respond to your enquiries via iTunes.
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4.55 out of 5

135 ratings in United States

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Can’t get GBP on this app.

Pianoforte5 on

Love this app except I can’t get the Great Britain Pound on it. My iPad app has it. Please advise.

Does Not Work - Don’t Buy!

Sarey.Bee on

I used to have this app and loved it. When I recently reinstalled it, I can only access a page with graphs and cannot access the currency converter. It looks like the app is out-of-date and hasn’t had any recent upgrades.


citygma on

I am on a page with a graph of E to dollars and I cannot get to the main menu to change. I deleted and re installed and it will not work.


Giusdjtd on

Perfect functionality. Perfect performance. Perfect user interface. Should be given to IT students as an example of how to create elegant programs.

Love it!

Smiling in NC on

So easy and convenient. Well worth 99 cents!

Best currency app for travel

SDapple on

This is absolutely my favorite currency app for travel. I find it has a very easy to use interface. Only takes a couple of minutes to pick you favorite currencies. And just a swipe to switch between your favorites.


Bellakaye on

My all time favorite currency app. Thank you for updating. Easiest to use to convert prices compared to the rest that are out there.

Not up-to-date

Dressform on

Good and very easy to use, but won't work well on new iPhone operating system. Please update!!!

Works well

Todd978 on

UPDATE: The program is 32-bits, and will soon be unable to run in the latest iOS. It has not been updated for almost 4.5 years. Downgraded to 3 stars. ORIGINAL: The program works well. Improvements that could be done: 1. It's a bit confusing when entering in the number of currency units. The value you are editing is gray, and the resulting number is white. To me, gray indicates the field is not editable, when, in this case, it is A little triangle does indicate the conversion direction. 2. When adding a new conversion, you can't specify the currencies at the point of adding them. This is done back on the main screen, it's an extra, some what confusing step.

Usefull this application

Samad8787 on

Good and very usefull

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Hendrik Holtmann
English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish
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4.2 (5 years ago )
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Apr 8, 2009 (15 years ago )
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