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The CycleBeads app enables you to plan or prevent pregnancy easily and effectively by simply tracking your period each cycle. Just enter the date your period starts, and the app identifies your fertile and non-fertile days according to the patented Standard Days Method®.

This modern natural family planning method has been researched extensively in medical trials and is the only proven family planning method which allows you to manage your fertility simply by tracking your period. iCycleBeads is the only iPhone app in the world based on this method. It has been found to be 95% effective in perfect use and 88% effective in typical use.*

The one medical criterion for using this method effectively is that you should have cycles between 26 and 32 days long**. Most women do, but not all. If you are unsure if your cycle is in this range, the CycleBeads app can be used to track your cycle lengths and will let you know if your cycles are in this range.

You can also take a self-screener at: www.cyclebeads.com/screen

To use iCycleBeads, simply input the date your most recent period started. The app immediately lets you know what day of your cycle you are on, whether it is a potentially fertile day or an infertile day, and when your fertile days will occur this cycle, all based on the Standard Days Method. You can use this information to either plan pregnancy, avoid pregnancy, or just to track. This information is provided in both a calendar format and in a visual representation of Cycle Beads.

•A visual representations of your cycle based on the start date of your period in both calendar and CycleBeads formats
•Customizable alerts notifying you when you are on your fertile days, when your fertile window is ending, and when you are likely to start your next period
•Alerts reminding you to input your period start date or when you had a cycle outside the range of 26-32 days long
•A notes feature which allows you to track key information that you may want to discuss with your health provider
•Ongoing cycle data history so you can see the start dates of your previous cycles, the length of each cycle, and whether that cycle was in the range for using this method effectively.

For more information on the research behind this family planning method, to watch a video on how it works, or to learn more about this family planning tool, visit www.CycleBeads.com

Millions of women around the world have used this method as birth control, to plan pregnancies, or just to better understand their cycles. A portion of the proceeds from sales of all CycleBeads products including the iCycleBeads app, supports research to expand family planning options around the world, and help people make informed choices about their reproductive health.

We update iCycleBeads regularly. Please send us any feedback or requests for improvements to [email protected].

iCycleBeads is protected under patent.

* Arevalo M. et al., Contraception, 2002;65;333-338.
** According to data from the World Health Organization and analyzed by researchers at Georgetown University, approximately 80% of cycles are in the 26-32 day range.
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The worst

montoyaj on

Lost my data after years of use. Don’t recommend

Love this tracker

AtticusGirl on

So easy to follow, give you reminders of when your cycle is about begin, fertile and non fertile windows. On point every time.

This is the best app I have ever used.

Salvation is real on

It’s so easy and simple to use

Data Lost

7251630 on

I’ve been using this app since 2013. I really only used it to help me remember when to expect my period, which was helpful. (I used a different method when my husband and I wanted to get pregnant.) I continued to use the app throughout my pregnancy to keep notes about different milestones of my pregnancy. Of course, I didn’t enter a new cycle date until after my baby was born. When my cycle returned, I entered that new date (about a year after my last cycle) and ALL my previous data disappeared. This had never happened before when I entered new cycles. When I emailed customer support, they said that unless I downloaded reports, there was no way to see previous data. I had used this app for FIVE years and never downloaded reports and could ALWAYS see my previous data. And now when I want to look back at my notes to record some things in my daughter’s baby book, I can’t because for some reason, the app just decided to delete everything. Obviously there was some glitch, yet I’m not thrilled that the “development team” can’t do anything to recover my lost data, apparently. I won’t be using CycleBeads anymore.

The OG fertility tracker

Mombot1359 on

I’ve been using this app for YEARS and the cycle “bead on a string” method even before that. The app is simple and straight forward. I like that there isn’t a whole bunch of other “filler” junk I would never use like other apps have. A few things that might make this app better: 1) Instructions on how the cycle bead method actually works and the research behind it. It seems some of the other one star reviews are because they don’t understand how the method works. 2) Updated graphics or the option to change color schemes. While I love the simplicity and reliability of this app, it does look a bit dated.

Good but not for short cycles

suprrdooper88 on

I like the app because it gives me a range, but because my cycle is shorter (just under the 26 days this app holds as a minimum) it recommends using another app. I wish I had known that going in! (Perhaps it was advertised but I missed it.) other than that it’s useful for keeping track!

Best app!! 💝

Daddio123456789 on

I have been using this app for almost 8 years now. I don’t know how much I paid for it, but it’s worth whatever it costs! It is simple to use and keep up with and is not obtrusive or annoying. And most importantly: it works!!! I have used the app to help us have a baby and also to help avoid pregnancy. I love this app and will continue to use and recommend it! Great big THANKS to the developers! 🏆

Best Alternative to birth control

Malipali on

I have terrible reactions to birth control and was so relieved to find this app. Cyclebeads Fertility tracking has been a great alternative. I’ve been using this app for over three years now and it’s been a simple, so far accurate way to track fertility. I have used it for birth control as well as trying to conceive and both times found it was effective and easy.

Seems accurate

Kustomphitted on

3 month user; so far so good. I like that it indicate the days that my chances of pregnancy are increased so i can plan accordingly. Great tool for those that do not use traditional birth control.

Long-Time User

Josh & Rosemary on

I used this method before it was an app, just the string of beads. It’s been simple and helpful and reliable. Even post-vasectomy, I continue to use it to track my cycle.

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