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Don't borrow without Loan Plan if you want to boost your negotiating leverage and save precious money.
For all your loan projects and mortgages, Loan Plan is a must-have.
This great bank loan calculator helps you to manage your budget efficiently and make the right financial decisions for you and your business.

Whether you are interested in a student loan, a car financement or are considering buying a home, a quick and easy simulation on Loan Plan will tell you how you can afford it and which bank offer compares the best.

Thanks to its refinance calculator, Loan Plan is also perfect for determining if your current mortgage can be refinanced and how much you will earn in the process.

◆ Highlights ◆

√ Get the info you want:
- Calculate monthly payments including the loan insurance
- Estimate your credit capacity
- Get your expense to income ratio (debt calculator)
- Compare the total cost of credit (interest + insurance + fees & taxes) between loans

√ Understand how bank loans work:
- Visualize on nice 2D & 3D charts where your money is going and where you can save varying the loan parameters (rate, period, insurance, fees)
- See how fast your principal is repaid while scrolling through the years and months of the amortization schedule

√ Be more productive:
- Edit numeric fields faster on a customized keyboard including a mini calculator
- Get instant results from each estimator which is natively coded inside the application
- Store your loan projects and organize them by category for an easy comparison
- Send an email report with the amortization table in PDF, HMTL and CSV formats or simply print the PDF using AirPrint

◆ Assistance ◆
Loan calculators & estimators assist you giving quick answer to your financial questions

√ How much can I borrow for home improvement?
√ Which business loan proposal is truly the more interesting?
√ What would my student loan payment be?
√ How much money will I save by choosing a 15-year rather than a 30-year fixed rate loan?
√ Should I refinance my home loan or just negotiate the terms with my current lender?
√ How much do I have to pay over my car loan amount? (total cost of credit)

◆ Pro Features ◆

√ Interest rate type:
- Nominal interest rate
- Effective interest rate

√ Loan repayment schedule:
- Constant monthly payment (self-amortizing)
- Interest-only payment (principal paid at maturity)

√ APR Calculator options (best way to compare loans):
- Annual Percentage Rate (Nominal APR) as used in US
- Effective APR as used in Europe

√ Recurring fees calculation (e.g. insurance rate):
- % of the borrowed amount
- % of the principal balance
- Annual amount

◆ Other Features ◆

√ Amortization chart
√ Share with friends: If you like Loan Calculator, PLEASE consider endorsing it. You can do this in 3 different ways (Twitter, Facebook, email) from the 'Plus' tab.
√ Contact us: For all queries or issues please use the provided form. We will do our best to reply promptly.
√ 4 categories for your favorite projects:
-- Housing: mortgages, land, construction and home improvement loans
-- Vehicle: motorcycle, auto, truck, boat, aircraft & car loans
-- Cash: line of credit, payday loans
-- General: others e.g. small business loans, commercial real estate loans, student loans,...
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4.38 out of 5

13 ratings in United States

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Super basic not worth paying for

ASC2009 on

Not worth paying for, does nothing special that a free app does

I love it - it's on my homepage

Davey801 on

I use the app several times a week, sometimes several times a day. I love it. Being able to export the results to a PDF that I can pass on to my clients is invaluable. The amortization table is great. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of drudgery this has saved me from. Thanks, developer! Improvements? I'd love to brand my PDFs with any logo. Maybe the next version?

App is ready and working in iOS 10

mrpickle77 on

After a spell of bad code and no communication from the developers, the app is once again working. Thank you!

Used to love it

narsana on

Crashes on opening

Won't open

Dentman10 on

App crashes before it opens. Bad app


J2cub on

App crashes upon opening

Works great for me!

Grandpa Pal on

Quick and easy. I have only used it for a quick amortization and payment amount. Looks like it has more to offer then what I've needed. Good value!

Bad App

MikeMpls on

Why did I pay $1.99 to immediately get hit with an ad upon launching the app!!!!

Horrrrrible, DO NOT BUY scam app.

bblldd on

Seriously I shouldn't have to say more, but, long story short I incorrectly assumed that app would be better than a free app I already had, I was wrong.

Excelent easy and Helpful

Luis G P S on

I have some loans and need to play alternatives of payments and always use this app. It is useful and made some very good desist ions with help of this excellent app. I give 5 stars.

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