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Track your sleep with your Apple Watch, Motion and Heart Rate for the complete picture.

Sleep Pulse 3 is the only native Apple Watch app that can additionally support* Nap Tracking with "Power Nap", and Sleep Talk recordings with "Sleep Talk". All trackable from within Sleep Pulse 3!

watchOS 6
• Bold Design, the app opens to your last sleep report with your sleep goal, sleep analysis, heart rate, and motion. The new Sleep Goal Ring and Analysis Donut Ring can be tapped for additional information.
• Sleep View, designed to provide context while you sleep including when you went to bed, how long you have been in bed for, and your live heart rate.
• Resting Heart Rate, upon wake your resting heart rate will be measured — a good measurement of your overall health.
• Sensitivity Level, because we all sleep differently and in different places (cars, boats, planes, camping etc) the sensitivity level for analyzing your sleep may be adjusted from the watch app.
• Complication Support, for best use add Sleep Pulse 3 to your watch face with a complication and see how much of your sleep goal you complete each night.
• iPhone Independent, away from your iPhone for a night? No problem Sleep Pulse 3 analyzes your full sleep without your iPhone, when connected it will sync the data. Get your sleep report directly on your Apple Watch.

iOS 13
• Bold Look, Designed to provide a cleaner and clearer look at your sleep with vibrant colors, haptics, large text, sleep ring and sleep analysis charts.
• Sleep Metrics, metrics to explain your sleep include: Light Sleep, Deep Sleep, Restless, Slept Duration, In Bed, Fell Asleep, REM Estimate, Night Steps, Resting Heart Rate, Fell Asleep Heart Rate, Range of Heart Rate, Mode Heart Rate, Average Heart Rate
• Analysis Charts, see a breakdown ratio of how you slept on the sleep analysis donut chart. Also see detail of the type of motion that occurred during your sleep on the motion analysis donut chart.
• Track Trends, track Fell Asleep Duration, Slept Duration, and your Resting Heart Rate changes
• Power Nap Add On, with the "Power Nap with Health Sync" app installed on your device you can now save and track your daily nap durations in Sleep Pulse.
• Sleep Talk Add On, to provide you with potential sleep talk recordings from your night — View the app "Sleep Talk" for more info.
• Sleep Wake Mood, save your sleep mood to the sleep report

Because our sleep is more complicated than just our heart rate, our movement is also part of the picture. "Auto track" apps don't use motion, as it is something that needs to be processed directly, not in the background on watchOS**.

HealthKit is used to save your sleep data to the Health app on your iPhone.

watchOS 5 and iOS 12 are required for use.

*Extra purchases required, discounts through the Sleep Better with Watch Bundle*

**Sleep must be started when In Bed, and not before each night, Sleep Pulse's algorithm tracks only sleep and any attempt to try and "auto track" your sleep before being In Bed will provide inaccurate results of your sleep. » Sleep Pulse 3 has no alarm or auto track function, SLEEP MUST BE MANUALLY STARTED WHEN YOU ARE IN BED and stopped from the watch (allows for the most accurate analysis, and fell asleep time), any other app that claims it accurately tracks your sleep automatically with motion is falsely claiming that feature. watchOS 6 requires motion be manually started and stopped — then processed with the app active**


Sources: Visit Support for Source Info

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Doesn’t work

Can't Withdraw Money on

I have never left a review for an app - mostly because paid apps usually offer trial periods so you can determine if the app works for you. This one did not, but at $3.99 and with pretty good reviews, I thought I would give it a shot. Definitely the wrong choice. I purchased this app because it seemed on the surface like less work. I just want it to track my sleep without having to think about it. After the first night I went to my app to see my sleep data, only to find out you actually have to go in and press “sleep” for it to start working. I figured maybe I missed something, so pressed “sleep” the next night. Woke up the next day and went to my app to see my sleep data. Still wasn’t there. I finally noticed VERY tiny print I could not read without glasses and it said you have to press firmly to wake up. So I did. Then I was told that I had to go to settings>privacy>motion/fitness and allow sleep 3 access to motion. So I did - only to see that it hasn’t even asked for access. So how on earth do I fix that? I don’t have time to chase down answers, so I’ll eat the $3.99 and go find a better app.

Would not recommend

As faddists on

TLDR If you have a newer Apple Watch (series 4 or higher) do not buy this, use Apple’s native sleep tracking. If you have and old Apple Watch (series 3 or older) and want to track your sleep, sell it and buy at least a series 4 so you can use Apple’s built in sleep tracking. I bought this to use with an older Apple Watch that does not support apple’s native sleep tracking. I had a lot of issues getting the data off the watch at night. The app on the watch would tell me it didn’t have permission to send the data and to check the Motion and Fitness section under Privacy Settings. I checked this multiple times and the app was not listed there and there was no obvious way to add it. Eventually it did show up and transferred the data. The 2nd day it did the same thing and I was unable to give the app the permission it needs. You also have to manually tell the app when you wake up and go to sleep. The native Apple Watch sleep tracking in newer Apple Watches automatically takes care of this. On the first night I was able to get the data uploaded, but the screen on the Apple Watch needs to remain on or else the data transfer gets interrupted. You have to manually change a setting to keep the watch display on for 70 seconds to get it to work. The data that is uploaded to the Apple health app is very basic. Maybe this was due to using an older Apple Watch? With a newer Apple Watch and the native sleep app it will measure respiration and sleep stages much better. Lastly, the design of the settings screen is not great. It definitely looks like it was not designed by a UX designer. It’s not hard to figure out, but it doesn’t use standard UX design language. It definitely looks like this app was designed by a single programmer who did 100% of the work themselves. Which is fine, but keep this in mind when you buy it.

It no longer works

Jsrdn on

It will no longer work and connect to my phone.

When it works it’s great!

MonzRona on

If it downloads Not ac your sleep rhythms it works great! You can’t count on it! Paying for an app that works half the time is frustrating!!


Mihai5167 on

Thnghkvuuuj bn enqa

Does not automatically track sleep

LNF2484 on

You have to actually push a start button on your watch after you get in bed. Unlike other apps or Fitbit, it does not automatically detect when you doze off. I’ll never remember to do this regularly so this app is completely worthless to me. Big waste of money. There are way better options, don’t waste your money on this old fashioned technology.

App is not reliable, nor is tech support.

Jgreg7 on

When it works, it provides good information - when it works.... So far, I have had very little success with this program. It is a good concept, with decent data format, however it simply does not work. Sleep Tracker 3 has the following problems: frequently stops recording a few minutes into my sleep, sometimes records, but will not transfer the data to the phone, the data is recorded, but will not analyse. has a "motion processing error" and the tech support for this is non-existent. I have followed all of the FAQ/self-help steps to diagnose this and try to make it work, but so far my success rate is about 10%. Don't waste your money on this software.

Does not work!

anartista17 on

This app does not work!!! Waste of money!

Horrible design, totally confusing

nogooie on

One of the worst designed and confusing apps I’ve ever s

Not user friendly

Trying to be 25 again on

It’s not user friendly and I’m very disappointed about that. Why can’t it just sense when I sleep rather than me telling it I’m sleep and when I’m waking up. Won’t work on my iPhone watch like I expected. Doesn’t analyze. When I wake up it erases all of the data on the watch and doesn’t show anything on the app on my phone. I’ve ensured the motion and fitness is on but it’s not syncing with my iPhone or watch. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and the same thing. I’d like my money back.

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