Age of Dynasties: Medieval War
Be a King and conquest empires
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Be the king in this strategy game offline.
Reign your medieval kingdom with strategy, build mighty strongholds, engage in epic battle simulator, defeat enemies civilizations and expand your kingdom to a glorious empire.

The King is dead! Long live the King!

Majesty, with regret, I have to inform you that the King has died. Now it is your turn to sit on the throne and lead the kingdom. Can you keep your dynasty alive?

Age of Dynasties is a game set in the Middle Ages, from 476 to 1492 AD, in which you have to rule over your kingdom. Different rulers will occupy the throne in your stronghold and each will have their merits and their manias. Sometimes you'll have to make decisions while playing the role of an insane king, sometimes a wise king like the legendary King Arthur.

Year after year you'll have to play the role of decision maker to maintain the stability of the kingdom.

Will you succeed in obtaining the loyalty of the vassal states and putting down the rebellions that want to depose the rulers of your dynasty? Will you be able to prevent war and famine from decimating your subjects?

Whatever you decide will have implications and consequences. In this choices game you have to plan your moves wisely!

Age of Dynasties is a turn based strategy game with a combination of role-playing elements: tactical rpg, intrigue, simulation and adventure.

Take command in this turn based rpg, your Majesty, and measure yourself against the burdens and honours that will lead you on to greatness:
- Satisfy the demands of your subjects to keep the peace in the kingdom and put yourself to the test through a series of historical events, dynamically connected to each other.
- Choose the advisors of the round table with strategy: like King Arthur, surround yourself with trustworthy and capable knights like Sir Lancelot or Sir Galahad, and entrust your judgment to their valuable advice
- Collect iron, build swords and armor and guide the crusader kings against your enemies
- Discover new content and face new challenges in every game: with over 4,000 rounds of this medieval game of strategy you can enjoy many hours of fun back in the Middle Ages and different reigns.
- Within this turn based RPG, you have to make choices, accumulate resources, and issue real decrees during each turn of the game. But remember that within this medieval game this will all have an impact on the longevity and the future of the king currently sitting on the throne.
- Manage thorny political issues and the intricate interpersonal relationships between the members of the council and the royal family in a medieval europe.
- Lead battles like a real leader, use strategy and tactics to plan your army's moves and win the war against all reigns in this turn based strategy game.
- Tactical manage at best the Kings and Queens who will sit on the throne
- Build a magnificent castle in your Camelot, make alliances with sultans and emeperors, enlist the help of advisors and become the undisputed master of your dynasty!

The age of kings began, are you ready to wear the crown and rewrite the history of the Middle Ages in this Game of Kings?

Age of Dynasties is not simply a medieval simulator but a new experience where strategy and tactical RPG mix perfectly. This turn based strategy game is completely free, also works offline and is available in 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese.
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4.33 out of 5

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Cultural victory?

Xysther on

Decent game, couple strange but usually funny bugs like when my 1yr old nephew tried to poison me? Or when my king died from severe battle wounds but thankfully was saved by his heirs lol. The cultural conversion isn’t occurring despite having two cities over 100% influence (115% and 108%), I’ve tried waiting a few turns years have passed and the cities remain under my influence yet not in my control. I remember the guide saying the city would automatically be converted to tour’s added having 100% influence, unless there’s some hidden stat I missed like military presence to prompt conversion?


ДонтСпик on

Меня очень радует эта игра. Она позволяет стать правителем и принимать важные решения в управлении государства. Топ

dont waste your time

LamontaeS on

i’d be nice to leave a review, but as soon as i opened the game and agreed to t&c i got hit with an unskippable ad. maybe it is skippable, but i waited 5 minutes and didnt have an option

Mixed feelings

BoomSwaga on

Love the game honestly the game play keep me entertained and i love the battle feature. My only problem honestly is that out of all the avatars to choose from there is literally not one african american avatar. Before the update there were like three to four i didn’t complain but yea i’d like to see that change. Probably wishful thinking.


some random dude50000 on

Loves u

首套房v on


How does this game not have more Downloads???

bitlife_Fan12803 on

Seriously this Game is genuinely probably the second best mobile game I’ve ever played, Ads are rare and you Mostly have control over when you get them, which automatically makes it better than all the other games that shove an 30 second ad in your face every 60 seconds.

Paying for xp only to get more ad

Annnna3456 on

TLDR: don’t buy anything from their store because they will then intentionally put more ad to get you pay more to remove them It is a fun game to play so I bought xp from the store. Before the purchase the ad occasionally pops up which is acceptable but after the purchase it pops up MUCH MORE frequently and annoyingly, trying to get me to pay for ad removal as well. It made me so upset bc my purchase and money and willingness to pay for the game is not respected. They just want to rip off people who would pay to appreciate the game. I’m not saying that they should remove adds for any purchase but they shouldn’t make it more for their customers on purpose! Very disappointed despite a nice game they made.


Atgbnhh on



忠实玩家364169491 on


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Testa Andrea
English, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese
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Feb 14, 2019 (5 years ago )
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