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Welcome to "Al Quran Pro," the first completely free app designed for Muslims worldwide, a gift from us to you, lifetime free In Sha Allah. We've created this app as a pure Quranic experience, free from any ads and subscription based restrictions, with the aim to provide a beautiful vision that you'll love, support, and share.


***Elegant Features That Illuminate Your Quranic Journey***

• Graceful Fonts: Immerse yourself in the divine beauty of Uthamic & Indopak fonts, designed for effortless reading of the Quranic text, allowing the sacred verses to flow gracefully before your eyes.

• Universal Translations: Elevate your understanding of the Holy Quran with authentic translations in your preferred language, creating a bridge that connects hearts and minds across the globe.
(Supported translations includes : English)

• Enlightening Introductions: Embark on a profound exploration with proper details and introductions for each Surah, a treasure map guiding you through the rich context and revelation of these sacred chapters.

• Seamless Continuity: Never lose your place within the eternal wisdom of the Quran. The Last Read bookmark ensures that you can seamlessly continue your journey right from where you left off, preserving the flow of your contemplation.

• Guided Reading: A personalized Reading Plan, tailored to your pace and preferences, serves as a steady compass, helping you traverse the entire Quran and cherish each step of your profound spiritual voyage.

• Celestial Recitations: Allow the enchanting recitations of popular Qaris to serenade your soul, as each verse resonates with the power and beauty of the divine word, creating an ethereal atmosphere of devotion.

•Stay tuned, as we're diligently crafting even more celestial features to further enhance your Quranic experience, making this app your true companion on your journey of faith.


***Message from the Team***
We value your experience and encourage you to share it with others. This is just the beginning, and with your feedback and comments, we aim to grow this app into a comprehensive package to meet the needs of every Muslim, In Sha Allah.


***Required Permissions by the App***
• Storage is necessary to download Quranic text and your preferred translation.


Want to Support Us? You can support us on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis by simply tapping the support icon on the main screen. Visit our website for more options.

Your presence in this sacred journey warms our hearts. May the embrace of Al Quran enrich your spiritual connection, and together, we illuminate the lives of Muslims around the world.

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