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Altrady is a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform made for Easy, Time-Saving Confident Trading Experience. Altrady is your all in one cryptocurrency trading platform. Your best choice for a Powerful Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.

Altrady multi-exchange cryptocurrency trading platform plays an essential role in the success of crypto traders worldwide. Altrady makes crypto trading a lot more convenient by offering a simple platform where users can manage their trades and keep track of their digital assets from multiple crypto exchanges in a single interface.
Accurate and Real-Time Crypto Alerts by the Altrady Trading Platform
When looking for a reliable crypto trading platform, it is necessary to choose one that offers fast and accurate price notifications to make the right trading decisions that would grow your portfolio and minimize your risks. With Altrady's WebSockets connection and unique algorithms, you can undoubtedly receive real-time alerts to help propel your crypto trading success.

With a web-based trading feature, Altrady users can have a more mobile experience that is constrained neither by location nor a single device. Trading can happen anytime and anywhere.

presents more comprehensive, detailed, and organized information for efficient tracking of digital assets across different exchanges.

Analyze markets
using the well-known TradingView charts with real-time data updates from you can analyze the markets and determine your entry and exit position
Advanced trading
Altrady has many advanced trading features that make it easier and faster to place simple or more complex trades like ladder orders.
Custom layouts
Everybody has a different strategy, and you need a layout that helps you with applying the right strategy. Reorder the widgets and create a dashboard to your liking
Market statistics
The market statistics for the base scanner help you determine the ods for your entry and exit point. Find the best markets to trade.
Notes and Journal
To ensure you keep track of your thoughts about a market, you can leave notes and screenshots to make sure you can stick to your trading plan, and you don't make the same mistakes.
Web trading
There are always times when you don't have access to your device, and you need to change an order. Using the web trading function, you can log in and make your changes on any supported browser.
Scaled ladders
Scaled ladders make it possible to create multiple orders at the same time. Using the price scales and size scales, you can finely tune how much spread should be between the orders and what size should be applied.
To keep track of your successes and failures, you need to keep track of your portfolio. Altrady has a state of the art portfolio dashboard, that helps you to keep track of all your holdings.
Real-time alerts
Crypto is very fast past, and getting alerts in time is crucial for the day traders. In Altrady, all alerts are real-time, and you will be notified on the desktop, mobile and email
Break-even calculator
To know where you stand in a trade, you can use the Break Even Calculator to track your profit, and your break-even point. Easily adjust the period of your trades to calculate the benefit in real-time.
Integrated Crypto Base Scanner
The Crypto Base Scanner is an excellent scanner for the QFL trading strategy. It automatically scans the markets for you and will notify you when a market is reaching a possible entry point.
With an extensive growth in its subscriber list and constant developments in its technology, Altrady is becoming the best crypto trading platform.
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User Rating

4.67 out of 5

15 ratings in United States

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Great app

ohail on

I love Altrady and just set up a new grid bot which is awesome. What would make it the best is if it worked with password managers like 1Password or iCloud Keychain. Without this support logging in is a huge pain and actually makes me not want to use it on my iPhone.

Watered Down

Ruiner6669 on

Desktop version is great, but as a dev told me “Apple Does Not Allow Trading from 3rd Party Apps” I guess I have to write this software off when it comes to non-desktop use. I use an iPad for my main computer, as more and more people will now that they are throwing m1’s in them with the magic keyboard. Finding out this will never be developed into a working version is a let down. There’s plenty of other apps if I want to look at charts, and I guess I’ll check out Trade Station, as they seem to have somehow found a way to make trading possible lol

Not a shill… its just THAT good.

Tongue puncher on

This app saves so much time by allowing you to monitor multiple exchanges or portfolios from one single interface (with ease). It really is worth the investment. The crypto scanner and base scanner alone make it worth the money. It’s easy to use. It gives you TONS of trading options. Ladder tickets. Take profits. Etc. and the execution is incredibly easy. A click… a drag… and a double click…. You just made a trading ticket, visually. It is that easy. I hesitated to purchase this software, but it was a great decision. I will be renewing whenever its required. One last thing… Their customer service is great. In a world of no contact, they will actually let you talk to A PERSON to solve your issues… and it will be solved quickly (if needed). They’ve helped me a few times, and I was shocked at the quick and thorough response. Thank you Altrady


J-Mo92116 on

Exactly the software I need. Thank you!!!

Great software

danav0740 on

I love the Altrady app on both mobile & desktop. I use it every day. Great support and updated frequently.

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Altrady Bv
Recent version
4.5 (2 weeks ago )
Released on
May 28, 2020 (4 years ago )
Last updated
3 weeks ago