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The fear of flying app - Am I Going Down? is a flight risk calculator designed to reassure and empower anyone with a fear of flying.

What are the odds of my plane crashing? Enter your flight details, and using real flight data, the app perfectly demonstrates the unlikelihood of your flight going down.

How safe is your next flight?

Crashes may make the headlines, but they’re incredibly rare, and when they do happen, seldom lead to injury. With those facts, there’s no need for nervous flyers to fall back on anything but the statistics. Am I Going Down? will tell you how and why you have only a millions-to-one chance of crashing, allowing you to fight fear with information.

New York Times
“In most cases a normal flight will give you a one in five million, or one in 10 million, chance of crashing, so that tends to reassure most people.”

The Economist
"[The app] wants to reassure nervous flyers that they are all but guaranteed to reach their destination in one piece."

Daily Mail
"'Am I Going Down?' app uses real flight statistics to analyse flight safety."

"One of the only sources providing such in-depth coverage of safety statistics in the aviation world."

Also featured in: CNN, Washington Post, Daily Telegraph, Quartz, Forbes, Newsweek, Gizmodo, Business Insider, Gadget Show, and many more!

Disclaimer: While "Am I Going Down?" is based on published flight and crash statistics to give an indication of flight safety, the app is intended for entertainment purposes only. The odds presented are an estimate of historical risk and not a prediction of future performance.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected] or follow @fearofflyingapp on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
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Doesn’t have my airline

Fs1117 on

I fly Jet Blue all the time and it isn’t listed.

Thank you

rachehh on

Thank you

You’ll still die

Diminishing on

Despite knowing the odds, if you do go down, you’re gonna die 😐

Not finished

Трэвис Тернер on

UI is incomplete. If you get an estimate, there is no indicated way to go back. (It is possible, just not visually indicated)

Back buttons missing

Matt Lundstrom on

Back buttons are missing after you see the result or when seeing plane details, etc. You have to quit the app to get back to the previous screen. Development on this app might have been abandoned.

Very comforting

Starmanda1088 on

I have horrendous flight anxiety. Even with Xanax it’s almost unbearable. This is a nice little piece of comfort for me. Statistics are soothing.

Great for fear of flying

Josh Stut on

Even though this app may seem stupid it really helpede with my fear of flying. You hear all the stats about dying on you way to the airport but this app tells you what your chances are of just crashing not dying. Im not afraid of dying I'm afraid of speeding to the ground. Great app. Worth the three bucks.

Quite comforting

Noumay on

Recommend to those who need a little extra assurance 👍🏻

Maybe a little too much info?

jen423 on

I am a nervous flyer. Was feeling pretty good about my flight (1 in 10m chance of crashing) until the airline changed the plane. Now the risk is 1 in 5 million. Still great odds, but double the chance I had. Probably would’ve been better off never seeing the odds. Ugh. Have no idea if these are accurate statistics, but have started checking the app for best airlines/planes prior to booking. Maybe a little too much info for nervous flyers? Kind of makes you more nervous if your flight is anything but dark green in all the categories. Regardless-it’s a great app. Fun to put in random itineraries and see what happens.

What a waste of money

Omggitsjessix3 on

This app is ridiculous, the reviews have to be fake lol it doesn’t even have Jet Blue as an airline option! And when you put in all the info, al it does is give you the statistics of you going down. Mine was 1 in 5,000,000. I could’ve googled that.

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