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Featured in recent front page story of the NEW YORK TIMES

"Atheist Pocket Debater is an excellent and useful tool for Atheists and Skeptics." - Michael Shermer, Skeptic Magazine

** Jason Hagen interviewed by Dan Barker ( on FREETHOUGHT RADIO Podcast. **

**ON TOP 25 LIST out of 27,000 apps in BOOK CATEGORY**

**"Well thought out and organized.... highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn more about the mentioned topics, or anyone looking to broaden their horizons." - APP MODO

ATHEIST POCKET DEBATER contains old and new arguments against the existence of God. The DEBATER gives many ways to argue against Christians, Creationists, and Bible thumpers. It is set up for very quick reference and memorization, yet contains full arguments as well as different ways to argue the same topics.

Current Rating = 4.66/5

Examples include "Lack of Historical Evidence for Jesus," "America Was NOT Created as a Christian Nation," and "God Is Too Hidden to Be Real," as well as others. Arm yourself with very powerful and logical arguments against religious zealots.

SKEPTICISM section contains many subjects related to being a skeptic. Learn how to debunk claims scientifically in just a few questions with "Bogus Claims Debunker." Aliens, ghosts, psychics, and get-rich-quick schemes are deconstructed using logic. Several articles were generously provided by Skeptic magazine!

HUMANISM section is a positive and uplifting area consisting of humanistic articles, including "Declaration of Human Rights" and "Life Is to Be Lived Now," to name a few. It shows that most of us share humanistic interests, whether we realize it or not, and science is our most valuable tool for humanity. "The Humanist Manifesto" is among several articles provided by the American Humanist Association.
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One stop shopping for countering apologetics

TexasPropWash on

Nearly everything you need is here in this guide. This is the basic tool set to counter Christian apologetics used to defend their bankrupt worldview.

Anti theist

Bible thumper 43 on

Fantastic app, I desperately need another! I’m a closet atheist and this is helpful. It walks through several major topics in simplicity. A must for new atheists.

Wealth of Knowledge

Mr. Spoon Suede on

What a great app! This should be a required course in public schools. It teaches people how to think critically. It’s a positive approach to being a human. It’s a shame that there’s no way to do that without making religions look bad.

My Go-To Resource

I gotta 5 STAR app!!! on

Thanks for the updates!!! I was so worried that I would lose this great resource. This debater has helped me in many debates and discussions.

Lifesaver... in the clutch!

2Diamondz on

Awesome app. Never leave home without. I was starting to feel naked when I couldn’t access on phone anymore. Thank you for continuing to optimize. ~Cheers

Please Update

PopRoses on

Please update to work with iOS 11 so it will work on my new iPhone. Thanks! Love it!


GXT! on

Please update.

Great App, but needs update for iOS 11

K. Patrick on

Really liked this app, but it needs an update to run on iOS 11. And as of this post, the developer website is unavailable. :(

Great app.

Warpenis on

Military grade facts & easily understandable.


Bainbridge83 on

I really enjoy this app, it has good information

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