Bingo Beavers
Play Bingo and design your dam
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It’s Beaver Bingo time!
It seems our beaver friend needs some help building his mansion! And apparently what you need to do to help him out is…play BINGO!

Mansion? Oh yes, this beaver won’t accept a modest burrow for a home. He wants to build the biggest dam house ever! Help him decorate the living room, kitchen, game room, bedroom, etc…

Enjoy this game for free and bingo offline if you like. Change the call speed and choose between a male or female voiceover. Play bingo with 2 cards at the same time, or even with 4 cards! Check out the power-ups and collect fun new daubers. Enjoy this relaxing game at your own pace.
Complete the daily quests, get daily rewards, spin the wheel of fortune and compete in party events! Buy furniture and design this beaver home, with exclusive seasonal furniture during the holidays!

- Male and Female Call voiceover - pick your favorite!
- Play this story for Free
- Enjoy Offline from all over the world
- Build a beaver mansion in a Cute Story
- Daily Rewards,
- Hidden puzzle pieces to unlock new daubers
- Party Events with more Bingo Cards
- Daily Quests to earn extra coins
- Decorations for seasonal holidays
- Endless amount of levels
- Lucky Charm, Marker to select any number and Random Daubers boosters

Enjoy more bingo games free to play offline!
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Beavers bingo

prissy sue louise on

I enjoy playing it


Shellbear12 on

This game is fun, but there is an ad to watch for every stinking thing. While I respect that it’s an option to watch the ad or not, I feel like I’m losing out if I don’t watch them. When I choose to watch them, I’m not playing bingo at all. Please take away the ads. I’ll keep playing for a bit, but I’m close to deleting this game.


browneyes4Me on

Too many ads after each game.

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