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Get easy access to daily Torah lessons in an easy to use app that provides both the Hebrew and English text as well as accompanying audio classes from renowned scholars and teachers.

Use this app to study the daily cycle of study known as Chitas, as well as Rambam’s Mishneh Torah and Hayom Yom.

The app includes daily lessons for:

• Chumash (Bible)

• Tehilim (Psalms)

• Tanya

• Mishneh Torah (3 tracks available)

• Hayom Yom

Each lesson comes with the original Hebrew and an accessible English translation.
Follow along in the text with audio classes from wide variety of renowned scholars and teachers.


• Accessible texts in side-by-side Hebrew and English text

• View lessons for today (or any date)

• Listen to audio classes for each lesson from a variety of scholars

• Subscribe to audio classes to have them pre-downloaded and ready for listening

• Option for Israel and diaspora Chumash track

• And more…
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95 ratings in United States

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Transformed my life!!

Shirjoy on

I cant say how much I appreciate this app and the daily chitas WITH audio! Rabbi Gordon is phenomenal and interesting and explains this so beautifully and humorously. I always thought chitas was out of reach being a busy working mother but this now is my constant companion during carpool and commute and anytime I take a break! Thank you!!!


I crave Moshiach now on

Is so special to have high quality apps like this for free! Mi kamcha yisroel!

Best thing u can get

Chesky.k on

Best app ever

Amazing way to keep up with all my learning.

sing 1230 on

I love this app. It’s helped me do Tanya for a full year.

Excellent app

dlipsitz on

This app is the best I’ve ever used for all things Jewish. Gives me the times for lighting Shabbat candles as well as every holiday. Has resources for exploring Shabbat and holiday activities, history, and customs. Provides valuable resources for all things Judaism. A must have app for Seekers, Rabbis, and everyone in between, especially if you travel or plan to.

Apple CarPlay support 👍🏻👍🏻

Ktol77 on

Thank you for adding support to CarPlay - now I can listen to the classes while driving - amazing!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

The best!

Kankdub on

Best study tool for more Torah!

Excellent application to keep everyday studies!

AR--2011 on

Excellent application to keep everyday studies and it is getting even better every day!

Review TI

TristanM03 on

Clear and easy to read. App is not glitchy and footnotes add to the reading experience.

Great Chitas app! using every single day!

Ben5770 on

The recordings of the Shiurim are glitching, at least once every 60 seconds. This has been going on for the last few weeks. Are usually up every single day for Chitas and Rambam. The Tehilim reading is very unclear, almost useless. Otherwise, thank you very much for the amazing app and the very simple and clean layout and design! I will edit my review as soon as these bugs get fixed!

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