Clans Logue -Card Game-
Deck Building & Logue Like RPG
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"Clans Rogue" is a game full of deck building where you fight with deck building while building deck.

Redevelop the previous Clans deck into a roguelike deck building game. While maintaining the real thrill of a single-player card game, we've improved the fun of adventuring in a fantasy world!
Recommended for those looking for a Slay the Spire-like card game and those who like Bord Game Dominion!

* Deck construction>
Select unique hero cards, weapon cards, and tool cards to create your own unique deck!

* Map that changes appearance
The map changes with each challenge. Choose the best route and get the right to challenge the map boss.

A free single-player card-based RPG in the style of roguelike Slay the Spire, an indie card game with a world of swords and magic.
Unravel the legend of the labyrinth where dragons, vampires, and phantoms roam, and help the witch explore the labyrinth.
Adventurers like exploring ruins and gwent on a full moon night will take Hearthstone to the Red Dragon's lair.
Beyond the dungeons, events and battles like Shadowverse and Scarlet await.
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3.33 out of 5

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Awesomesauce609 on

It’s fun but the ads are annoying. I’d pay for a no ads option.

Game is unplayable on IOS past first boss

Naisor444 on

Once you beat the golem first boss, you cannot continue onto the second act, character freezes and you can’t move on, can’t click on the spaces either. Other than that the initial gameplay is nice, enjoying it same as all the other deck build rogue likes.

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App Info

ryota adachi
English, Japanese
Recent version
1.0.0 (4 months ago )
Released on
Mar 19, 2023 (1 year ago )
Last updated
2 hours ago