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The Creative Whack Pack's 84 interactive creativity strategies stimulate you to think creatively.
• "The most impressive brainstorming tool in the App Store, hands down." —Innovation Tools
• The iPhone/iPad Universal App has 20 NEW CARDS (the Heraclitus suit)!
• "An App Store #1 Best-Seller" (Business Category)
• “The Creative Whack Pack displays business brilliance." — USA Today

The Creative Whack Pack is the App Store's "premier creative thinking/innovation tool."
The Creative Whack Pack is a “creative workshop in an App.” It consists of 84 illustrated creativity strategies. Each of these is packed with stories, examples, and questions.

These 84 creativity strategies will “whack” you out of your habitual thought patterns and allow you to look at what you're doing in a fresh way. Use the workshops to stimulate your thinking.

For: Creatives, business people, educators, students, coaches, designers, and anyone else who'd like to boost their creativity.

Based on the million-selling Creative Whack Pack card deck, this App can serve you as a: Creativity tool, mind jogger, Oracle, workshop, and coach.

“A cross between a tarot card and a best friend, the Creative Whack Pack forces your psyche to look in the mirror and challenge what it sees.” — Elle Magazine


The Creative Whack Pack is a “creative workshop in an App.” It consists of 84 illustrated creativity strategies. Each of these packed with stories, examples, and questions.

— 16 Explorer strategies highlight places to find new information.
— 16 Artist strategies provide techniques to generate new ideas.
— 16 Judge strategies lend decision-making advice.
— The 16 Warrior strategies give you the “kick” you need to get your ideas into action.
— And the 20 Heraclitus strategies stretch your thinking to a new dimension.

Work with these interactive creative strategies in the Creative Workshops.

You can use the Creative Whack Pack by yourself, or with colleagues and friends.

The ideas you generate will delight you! Your involvement in each session can be as brief a 30-second “quick hit of stimulation,” or as long as ten-minute “creative workshop.”

Roger von Oech created this product. His seminars and products have enhanced the creative thinking skills of millions worldwide. He is the author of the creativity classic A Whack on the Side of the Head, A Kick in the Seat of the Pants, and Expect the Unexpected. He also created the popular Ball of Whacks (set of magnetic design pieces) and the X-Ball. He earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University in the “History of Ideas.”

“Roger von Oech has won a loyal following around the country.”
— BusinessWeek Magazine
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Love the Creative Whack Pack !

Gis DB on

I use the Creative Whack Pack for quite a few things . Problem solving instead of over thinking and stinkin thinkin. From just fun to serious creative thinking. I started with this app a long time ago when it was a disc 3 1/2”. I guess it was in the 90s. I recommend the app to everyone. Love it . Thank you !

Love this!!!!

SCspirit on

I took a Creative Thinking class years ago. The ‘Whack’ book and related book was our guide. Then I bought the Creative Whack Pack. I recently found this app. I love it. If my journaling is blocked, I journal about whatever the card triggers. Fabulous app.

Useful, quirky app

instantIncense on

Personally, I think this app manages to evade the typical spiral into antiquity that SW normally faces after even 2-3 years. Brings a smile to me when I use it, even still! Here is borne (and remains) the fruit of timeless genius. 😄


tasha77 on

I feel I wrote a review before but was prompted to again. I have had this app for maybe 10 years. It is great!! It is creative and I love how it works. I would definitely recommend!!

Creative juices flow

Mr. Profe on

This “whack” forces you to make time to think creatively. I like that you can send yourself notes that can be ponder later and start the C Juice flowing daily. Definitely a great tool in my creative arsenal.

It is Fantastic

Vkeys9210 on

This app is tailored to bring out the latent creative in all of us. I cannot believe the care and profundity that went into the making of this app. It has become my daily boost each morning and encourages a mindfulness I didn’t know I had. Heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to the making of this app. It is fantastic.

A Life Saver!

General Groves the 3rd on

This app is CBT and BAT on steroids. Save your money on the shrinks! This does it all!!!

Still loving this a decade later, but can we get a graphical update?

bulgariBLACK on

Something that takes advantage of the new phones features and screen resolution?

Always on Target

Silver Osprey on

On Time On Budget

I had one original card for 10 years

A photoshop learner on

Just checked where can I get the whole pack and found this app. I love it. Highly recommended if you can spend time to really read each creative whack. I do!

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