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Start the CTMayor app and take control. You are the mayor and city planner with complete authority. Be the undisputed ruler of a sophisticated real-time city simulation and create your dream city from the ground up. The city can be a bustling megalopolis with lots of people, cars, and tall buildings, creating high-energy, high-density living. Alternatively, it can be a small rural community or a group of linked small communities providing slow-paced country living.

There are also pre-designed scenarios for you to master. Become the master of existing cities such as San Francisco, Hamburg, and Bern, to solve horrible planning issues or rescue citizens from natural disasters. If one strategy doesn't work, try another. Each city has a million stories, and you can write them.

Like a real mayor, focus on planning, layout, budgeting, and disaster rescue. You don't need to deal with microtransactions such as maintaining houses or factories as AI citizens manage zones themselves.

The simulation strategy logic and user interactive concept are inspired by the classic SimCity game from Will Wright. Most graphics, music, map, and text materials come from the public domain licensed by Creative Commons License or General Public License.

For more information on how the app works and how your data is used and protected, please review our service terms and privacy policy:

Service terms: https://drwjf.github.io/ctm/ctm-terms.html
Privacy policy: https://drwjf.github.io/ctm/ctm-privacy.html
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It good game but can you please add sandbox

Dadonis on

Please add sandbox mode


ludie234 on

At the building 20 police station there should be a headquarters, also a casino

SAndbox please

Dadonis on

Please add a sandbox mode

Confused about power plant

blindmommy on

I’m so confused Ive tried everything to lay my power lines. I made everything adjacent and even connected my lines to my residential zones and no luck. I’ve gone through the tutorial 4 times and just can’t give my buildings power. The nuclear plant is right there but it won’t work


Wdwilhelm on

The tutorial doesn’t explain anything to you but placing stuff. Doesn’t explain how to make money or manage anything. The game has potential to be very fun. If more explain was done

Like it but there is one thing

hackdanels on

I like the game but it’s not clear how to solve housing cost and pollution. It would be nice if it was more clear because I keep getting warnings about too much pollution and I don’t know how to fix it


FloundericiousWA on

Why does pollution matter in 1905

Excellent App

Luffy Wateria on

This is such an excellent app! CTMayor is a great app for kids to play! It will help them with their strategy. I love this app!

Has Potential

Samson2004 on

In my opinion the game is basically unplayable without a zoom in and zoom out feature, without it you can’t properly see what you’re doing. This game looks like it could be really be a lot of fun. I love the old Sim City style. Please fix this

Good but one thing

Me360 on

It’s a very good game but it dose need to have a street view mode or something

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Jianfeng Wu
English, Arabic, Armenian, Basque, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek (modern), Hebrew (modern), Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Chinese, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese
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1.2.9 (3 weeks ago )
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Sep 27, 2020 (3 years ago )
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