Tribal Wars
Medieval MMO PVP strategy game
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Create villages, forge bonds, conquer worlds! Fight with thousands of other players online in this medieval strategy game.

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“If you like strategy games you need to play Tribal Wars”

Tribal Wars is a medieval strategy game which offers complex strategies and fun with a simple gameplay. Upgrade your village to a mighty fortress and raise your army. Band together with other players to form a powerful tribe and lead your troops into battle. Conquer the villages of your enemies and expand your empire. Will your tribe prevail?


• Free to play!
• Build and upgrade more than 15 unique buildings
• Raise an army by recruiting many different defense and offensive units
• Appoint a paladin and find mighty equipment.
• Attack, plunder and conquer your opponents in real time while defending your kingdom against attackers – real PvP.
• Band together with other players to form a tribe and declare war on your enemies.
• Many different worlds with altered victory conditions.
• Play via your smartphone or via your browser.

General Terms and Conditions:
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80 premium points
200 premium points
600 premium points
1500 premium points
8000 Premium Points
Farm Assistant (30 days)
Premium account (30 days)
20% higher clay production (7 days)
20% higher iron production (7 days)
20% higher wood production (7 days)


User Rating

4.61 out of 5

1,772 ratings in United States

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Pay to win

just use wendys on

this game is paid to win. You will play a 1-2 months only to get destroyed by someone who spent more money than you

Any W4 XP tribe members here?

Mapapamura ka on

This sure brings back memories! Played this almost a decade ago. Remembered fighting in world 4 the number 1 JG tribe till we got annihilated.

Classic game

Johnny5starstimes2 on

Great game I highly recommend if you like Civ 5 style strategy conquest games

Horrible Mods

xrangerx777x on

I’ve been playing this game for about 13 years on .us. I’m getting boned in 65 because my tribe quit. And with tribe lock my coplay and I were told we couldn’t tribe jump because we weren’t “advanced” enough. I guess my time and wallet are better suited for more advanced games. Like Clash of Clans

So much potential

Aero Honor on

This game has so much potential and could be a great game but its biggest two issues are its UI and long term players. The UI looks so outdated and is way more annoying than it should be. If you join the game late you just get bullied. You cant shield, you can’t relocate, you cant even move realms. Playing the game essentially becomes a waste of your time as you literally cant even get enough troops or rss to defend yourself.

Wallet warrior’s paradise

cherryarse on

If ya have cash to spare this is the game for you, the 5 star reviews are from the big spending players who only know how to throw there wallets at problems and think there good. Play at your own risk.

Tribal Wars

zach nelden on

This is a good fun game. You build your city and empire and i love it, but if you send an attack you cant see it. I want to see the battle. That is the only thing i dont like. I want to see them breach the walls and fight eachother. Also i wish you could have another thing like general position similar your nobleman. Also make spots where you can fight like a battle spot. Add legionaries too that would be cool.

Used to be great

Aabird on

I used to love this game, i’ve seen it change over the course of almost 2 decades. Now, i hate it. There have been cool improvements and such but, since the premium exchange has been introduced. He who has the most coin wins. Even trying to play the system a dumping way too much money into it… It’s awful. I’m just waiting to be nobled and wash my hands of it until i get word of a “truly classic” world where the only advantage is being active and having a premium account.

Pay to win change

shduejdbfjishs on

The premium account used to just give you a better UI but now it’s clearly made to give the other player an unfair advantage in resources. To clarify my bad English, paying cash for a 20% increase in resources is a clearly pay to win scheme. I would’ve happily paid money for the better UI but no way I’m doing that now, as players who buy resources and faster build times will still have an unfair advantage.

المكافئة اليومية

ةكمنتالبي on

تحديثكم الجديد ممتاز جداً ومشكورين عليه ، لكن لم تتغير المكافئة اليومية 💔

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German, Danish, English, French, Greek (modern), Italian, Croatian, Dutch, Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Thai, Czech, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian
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Dec 20, 2011 (12 years ago )
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