Digital Geiger Counter - Prank Radiation Detector
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Digital Geiger Counter is the best "fake geiger counter" prank on the iTunes App Store. Tilt and touch to boost the "radiation levels" and fool your friends. Now with integrated Facebook & Twitter sharing!

"Good radiation prank app!! ***** Worth to buy!" - Radin Fikri (Malaysia App Store)

"Awesome! ***** Can't wait to try this in different parts of the world to "prove" that some places have more natural radiation than an exploded power plant!" - Erich Meatleg (US App Store)

"Good App...Nice to fool people with!" - austinmu_ (US App Store)

"It's great! My friend thought it was totally real."

"...had a lot of fun with it...convince your 16-year old son that he must have stood in something radioactive because his sneakers make the count rate zoom up" - EE Times review

"Rad u ***** Now I can prove to everyone that they are indeed radioactive. And i can refuse to give rides to deadbeats at work if the geiger counter detects radiation on their shoes." - Callagene (Canada App Store

"***** Eccellente" - Lucasteno (Italy App Store)

"Valutazione **** Semplice ed ottimo strumento di rilevazione Buono" - Ermanred (Italy App Store)


• easy-to-read LCD display measures spurious hazards from background to extreme levels
• oversized numeric meter easily switchable from microsieverts to millirem or count per minute scales
• realistic digital counter from 0.10 μSv/h to 100 μSv/h (0.01 mrem/h to 10 mrem/h)
• authentic audio click rate, easily mutable for library or classroom use
• versatile alpha, beta, and gamma modes
• dual tilt-sensitive and touch-sensitive controls
• audio synchronized iPhone camera flash adds to the tension


1. Hold Digital Geiger Counter flat and face up.

2. Smoothly tilt Digital Geiger Counter's face to the left or right on the x-axis to increase levels.

3. Surreptitiously touch and hold the yellowish radiation symbol on the bottom left of the screen with your thumb to boost levels if necessary. The outside circle edge gives minimal boost, slowly increasing to maximum boost in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

4. For best results with Digital Geiger Counter, practice subtly combining both tilt and touch control methods. Also try twisting Digital Geiger Counter as you move it towards your target. Be slow and smooth.


Digital Geiger Counter is meant for entertainment purposes only and is entirely ineffective at detecting actual ionizing radiation. Digital Geiger Counter is factory-calibrated to the x-axis and contains no user-serviceable parts.
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100% does work and is fun

NeoCheckers on

Exactly what it says it is - easy to fool people - u control it by tilting and shifting your thumb over the radiation symbol - the flashlight flickering with measurement is a cool feature

It works.

mrxklash2011 on

He just didn’t put the instructions on the top of the description.


Zosyn on

Barely works - dumb. How difficult could it have been to make this sound off more?!? Rarely makes any noise... smh


Meme Lord-2000 on

This is not a real Geiger counter and dose not measure real radiation. If you want a real radiation detector then you will need to look on EBay or Amazon. In order for a device to measure radiation particles it NEEDS a geiger tube. This is simply a app that lets you mess around and play jokes on people.

This is a joke

r2d21998 on

Why would I want to buy something that doesn’t work for real, I feel taken advantage of. I don’t want a toy, I want the real thing.piss off

This does not work

Math geek onus on

I have tried everything including vigorously shaking my iPad and my iPhone... the only thing that happens is the words somehow change to Russian. Thanks for stealing a dollar from me.

It’s ok

Rudyftring on

Very spotty. Have tried everything to get it to go to higher levels. It’s very inconsistent. Would really like better instructions. Could be a lot of fun.


Erich Meatleg on

Can't wait to try this in different parts of the world to "prove" that some places have more natural radiation than an exploded power plant! Great use of the iPhone XY axes.

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David Ashton
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Jun 9, 2011 (12 years ago )
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