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Do you like to make dough? Have you ever needed to convert a Baker's Percentage into ingredient masses when making dough? Have you been looking on the App Store for something like this for a while? Then you’re like me, and this is the tool for you!

Pizza and bread dough recipes can use Baker's Percentages. Baker's Percentages are used to make more consistent recipes by specifying the ratios of the ingredient masses. One cup of sifted flour does not weigh the same as one cup of unsifted flour. But 100g of flour will always be 100g of flour. Baker's Percentages are also easy to scale to different dough ball sizes.

With this app you can include up to 8 ingredients in your recipes. You can also save your favorite recipes for future reference. The ingredients list is customizable so you can add detail about your ingredients. For example, if your recipe calls for Instant Dry Yeast instead of Active Dry Yeast then you can include that.

Additionally, if you know the masses of your ingredients, you can also use this tool to convert your recipe into Baker's Percentages for easy scaling to different sizes.

You can also add notes for reference that will be saved with each recipe.

Supports ounces and grams.
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May have been useful at one time.

Mig Angelo on

Just downloaded app and it would not open. It may just need an update or is not compatible with newer phones. Either way tried to reach out to developer and their website is under construction. Found a link for a direct email and it bounced back immediately. So pay for this app at your own risk.

Dogh essentials

silentbutdeadly on

This is my only dough app. It has all the essentials in a nice easy to use format. I would love to see one more enhancement for landscape mode. Great app!!

Needs help

JD Winston on

Notes disappear after entering. Need more lines/rows for ingredients. Time stamps for notes and recipes would be nice. Visually obnoxious. But still a useful tool.

Good but limited

mneal2071788 on

As far as I could see you didn’t have an option to add more ingredient rows. So if your recipes has more ingredients than there are available boxes you’re SOL. All the quantity and total weight areas are kind of hard to use to scale not impossible but can be scrambled. Better than the other app available.

This app is awesome!

StashKitty on

You can enter any bread recipe and convert it to baker’s percentages for easy scaling or to do the calculations for you to get any size dough ball you want. Or you can translate a percentage recipe into a traditional one. Professional bakers do these calculations in their heads. For the rest of us who make errors and have to pull out paper and pencil to be sure its right this app is so convenient and well worth the $.99. Plus you can store frequently used recipes right in the app. Support is super awesome. There’s a way to contact them within the app. Developer response was way less than 24 hours and he figured out what I had done wrong and suggested a correct solution just from my question. He also didn’t make me feel dumb about a pretty obvious oversight on my part. Practically a mind reader and patient too. I’d give it and the developer ten stars if I could.

A great tool for all bakers

Jack132 on

I have stopped looking for tools using bakers percentages, since I have found this tool. This calculator is very easy to use and makes recipe scaling a breeze. I recommend this for everybody who picks.


Essen1968 on

This app is legit! Easy to use and very good tool for calculating all kinds of dough formulas. iOS 10 update apparently coming.

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Feb 16, 2013 (11 years ago )
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