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Fast Memo is a very handy editor, like a pen and sheet of paper, always by your side.
Just tap the Fast Memo icon, and you will be able to take a memo.

If you run out of toothpaste tonight and need to buy some tomorrow, take a memo. A single word, toothpaste, should be enough to remind you.
You don't need to enter dates or organize your memos. Unnecessary features and functions are a nuisance when you just want to take memos. All you have to do is simply keep entering keywords and scroll down.
Fast Memo is software for this simple task.

If you need to correct or organize your memos, you can tap the screen twice to email your memos to a registered email address. Then you can correct or organize your memos on your computer.

- Automatic saving
- Mail Sending
- Registration of destination Email
- Post to twitter
- Post to Evernote
- Insert date (Swipe left,right)
- Widget

If you have any inquiries or requests, please email us. We also welcome reviews of Fast Memo.

email : [email protected]
twitter :
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Well done quick memo & notes app

Joe_58 on

Nice little app to keep your grocery list on, or a reminder, etc. Full featured. Email, etc., syncs between your devices very well. No issues at all.


jrlemieux on

To send to myself a quick note using this application, it requires 5 "clicks". Using the standard iPhone email application, it requires 6 "clicks". No big deal then, not worth to manage an extra app for so little gain. This application should have sent the email silently, directly in the background, using SMTP, rather than simply prefilling a mail for the standard iPhone email application.

Useful app.

rkny18 on

Sometimes you just want to type something fast for future reference. There are tons of notebook apps out there, many of which are bloated with features, some good, some bad, and often times they (often slowly) sync to a backup server. If you've ever waited so long for your notebook app to load before it's ready to use and have forgotten what you wanted to type, this app is for you. You tap the icon, and almost instantly* you're ready to type your quick note. The barebones approach is good, mostly. It's like having one text document open and continually adding to it. Although it's slim feature set is intentional, it could be a bit better. 1. Make a new blank entry every time you open the app. No categories, no fancy colors or tabs. Just a new blank sheet of paper every time you open the app. All your previous entries remain in a list. You can tap them, read them, edit them, delete them, or make a new entry. That way you can add to older entries, or delete an entry without having to highlight it and backspace it out in a big long pile of other notes. Yes, this adds a bit of fat to the app, but it would still be lightweight and lean, without all the organizational options of a full fledged note pad. The concept here is good, but it's just taking it a bit too far to have just one long note. What if I type someone's phone number in the middle of 20 other notes, then I want to get rid of it? Do I have to scroll to that line, and backspace it out? Why not just let me keep it in its own entry and delete the entire entry? 2. Email on quit. Let me have the option to automatically email me everything in the app when I close the app. This would be a great way to "back up" my memos without thinking about it. The lightning bolt icon is ok, but do we really need to see it for 1 full second on a splash page? Do we really need a splash page at all? Take us right to the typing! The banner ads for your other apps are annoying. I love your clock, but I don't need a gong timer. I paid for this app, and the clock, so why must I see your advertising? 4 stars for now. Get rid of the banners, the splash page, and let us add separate entries for each memo (at least as an option), and you have a 5 star app.

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Hiroyuki Fushida
Japanese, English
Recent version
3.5.2 (1 year ago )
Released on
Jul 20, 2009 (14 years ago )
Last updated
3 weeks ago