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FencingRef is the easiest way to record a pool sheet or referee a bout. Your fencing needs are in the palm of your hand.

FencingRef can track a pool of four to eight people. The app presents you with all of the information you could need. The app automatically calculates scores and penalties. It is quick, efficient and paperless. FencingRef contains the best fencing score keeper in a hand held device. It is accessible to everyone and all of the information is presented in a clean and organized fashion. For those who wish to dive deeper into the timer, the timer can record specific penalties, assign priority, give an injury break, etc.

Popular Features Include:
-Track a pool of 4 to 8 fencers.
-Save multiple pools
-Save info about the pool and tournament, e.g, Tournament and Event Name, Referee’s Name, Pool Number, etc.
-Victories, Touches Sent, Touches Received, Indicator, and Place are all calculated instantly and automatically
-Edit scores after a bout has been fenced
-E-Mail pool results
-Tap anywhere on the screen to stop the timer
-Red cards automatically add a point for the opponent
-Available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Dutch, Danish and Swedish
-And much more

FencingRef is a perfect way to assist in refereeing a Fencing match but is also useful in recording information from a pool that you are participating in. It is useful for a club practice where you want to organize a pool without the hassle.

FencingRef is always being updated and expanded based on the needs of the fencing community. The app was created for you and I want to hear how you want to make it better. I would love to hear any comments, questions, complaints or suggestions. E-mail me at: [email protected] or visit our website at http://www.fencingref.com
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3.75 out of 5

4 ratings in United States

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App Crashes

SaiNeel75 on

Purchased this app for my iPhone 12. But when I try to add New Pool the app closes immediately. Tried restarting and reinstalling the app but no use. Please refund the app cost paid.

Great app, but card display missing

Lax.Ref on

This is a fantastic app for fencing referees. It is well thought out and does almost everything you want in the palm of your hand on a smart phone or iPod. However, IIRC, an earlier version would turn the screen yellow, red, or black for you to be able to show the cards to someone on the strip; I believe that feature is gone (the app still tracks cards, but doesn’t let you SHOW the card to the fencer). That’s the only reason I didn’t go with 5 stars. Any chance that could be added back into a future version?

One Minor (major) Oops...

Lady of Mischief on

First of all, I like the app. I use it to referee on a regular basis for both class and tournaments. Here is the problem: The little reset button is right below the start button. If I hit that, I get a prompt: "do you wish to reset?" and I can choose "yes" or "no." If I choose "yes", everything resets and the world is good. If I choose "no" the timer doesn't change BUT the SCORE RESETS!!! (Not good when you are conducting a team match!) Can someone PLEASE make an update so that doesn't happen anymore? Thank you!

Love this app

Mikey Day12 on

I am a parent of a youth fencer and I use this app exclusively to keep track of my son's pools. It is a great way to track bout scores, final indicator, when his next bout is coming up and who he is fencing against, and finally pool results. I love this app!!!!

So many great features!

klauver on

Just a couple more tweaks to make it perfect. I haven't reviewed this in a while, but my favorite fix is that even with the small timer start/stop button it'll stop the timer where ever you touch the screen. No more accidental resets!

Ahhh! Thank you!

fencerdoug on

Thank you for the update, the app works great now. How happy I am. I'll be even happier when this app interfaces with Fencing Time.


TooLoftheDeviL on

Whether refereeing at the club or for an event, this app has been an invaluable resource. Put down the clipboard and pick up this app.

DE scoring would be nice

kbates1984 on

Bought this app to track my clubs results at comps. DE scoring is sorely missed

Horrible app

Fenc7 on

This app is very difficult to use and crashes at almost every use. Loading and saving pools is a hassle. The timer is complex. It takes more than 5 min to make a simple pool and even longer to record scores when the record button doesn't work. You can't make a pool with less than 4 people. This app needs a lot of work because it just isn't user friendly.

Great App.

parkridge on

Great for a newbie parent like me. No need to calculate anything. 4 out of 5 because no capability of tracking DE rounds but hey, I think this is worth the money I paid for.

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App Info

Michael Jaoudi
Danish, Dutch, English, French, fu, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
Recent version
2.02 (9 years ago )
Released on
Jul 17, 2009 (14 years ago )
Last updated
4 days ago