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You don’t take photos with Filters. You transform them. Filters has over 800 ways to transform your photographs including: fully adjustable authentic vintage film recreations, hand-painted textures, vibrant colored gel overlays, special multi-effect adjustments, as well as standard image adjustment tools like brightness, contrast, color temperature, exposure and more.

- Zoom in on your photo while editing to see crisp details
- Tap-hold on photo to compare edits with your original photo
- Adjust the intensity of every filter to get the perfect look
- Live-updating, large filter previews in a smooth, scrolling list
- Save your favorite filters for quick access
- No need to import photos into a special, in-app library
- Simple, distraction-free user interface
- Save photos to your Camera Roll or send to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other apps

Over 500 fully-adjustable filters across five categories: Vintage, Monochromatic, Dramatic, Cool and Warm. Faithful reproductions of vintage film stock processing effects from Canon, Nikon, Leica, Fuji, Sony and others with all filters specially hand-tuned by professional photographers and artists to transform your photographs into incredible showpieces.

Over 300 hand-painted, incredible textured overlays, colored gel overlays and light leak effects that can be applied in one of four blend modes to add stunning drama to your photograph.

Fine-tune your photograph's details with precise sliders to adjust Brightness, Contrast, Color Temperature, Exposure and Saturation. Filters also introduces 5 brand new multi-effect adjustments: Shine, Luna, Intimidate, Color Boost and Smart Fade which intelligently assess image color data to let you add drama, vibrancy or the perfect retro look to your photograph.
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Freezes when sending or saving. I wasted $.

Davebtwo on

App is ok unless one wants to send or save the photo by text, mail or to the Camera Roll. At this point the app freezes. I had to open another photo app then return to filters to adjust a photo again. What good is the app if after adding a filter one is unable to use the photo?

Beautiful Images BUT...

Desert Kitten on

I loved this app until recently. I have been unable to save or share photos. During the last few months it freezes up every time I try to save or share my edited photos. It is incredibly frustrating!

Great app

magsnanna2012 on

This is a wonderful app with a very large amount of filters and easy to edit! More people should know about this app! ADVERTISE!!! High recommend!!!!! My go to for a vintage look!!!

Lots of variety

Phreephorm on

As a photographer I like having plenty of variety in filters, especially

No Brainer

Eric Shofe on

I saw this in the sale section of the App Store featuring and figured why not. I've been wanting more options for my pics without having to open photoshop. I was instantly happy with the overwhelming assortment of editable effects. And it's only 1$. You really can't go wrong. Great app, thanks to the developers.

Love it!

brittkittymckean on

I love this app. It's easy to manage, you get a large amount of filters, manual adjustments and easy to use.

Why is it so dark??

lavenderlovegood on

This app is fine except for the fact that whatever photo you import it automatically darkens it. So when you apply a filter you don't really know what it will look like until you save it. I don't get why that is. It makes no sense.

Great app, baffling design flaws

TheRealBenC on

Overall, the app is a quick and easy way to turn an ok photo into a great photo. But the editing window darkens the top and bottom for no apparent reason, making it hard to see what you're doing. The adjustment sliders also reset once you make your selection. So if you add some shine, then boost color and decide you have too much shine, you can't go back and take some out. You can only add more.


Tamouraa28 on

REVIEW 2:: OKAY I PURCHASED THIS APP 2 Months ago I STILL CAN NOT USE IT BECAUSE THE ENTIRE TIP OF THE SCREEN IS DARK AND COMPLETELY BLACKS OUT WHATEVER PHOTO I USE. WILL YOU PLEASE PLEASE FIX THE APP SO I AM ABLE TO USE THE APP I PURCHASED !!!!!!!!! ALSO SO YOU KNOW I HAVE PURCHASED 2 OF YOUR OTHER PAID APPS AS WELL! REVIEW 1::It might be halfway decent if the top half of the screen was like a black screen I can only see the bottom half of the picture I should have listened to the other user who had the same issue a while ago but I thought since I am running the most up to date ios9.3 I phone 6s I may not have that issue and or I figured since there were known issues of this with others that within the year of it being brought up the developer would have fixed it by now . So disappointed with the photo editors I have purchased lately none of them seem to be what they are supposed and the reviews are very misguiding Honestly the photo editors I have that are free are much better , Yes there are lots of filters but if you pay close attention to each package they all look the SAME ! You could change the contrast and saturation yourself and do a better job with the editor that comes with the phone . So very disappointed . I'll stick with Pixlr and Filtera Much much better and higher quality Waste of money ....

Great except...

BDTingey on

What is with the default drop shadow overlaying the imported photo? It really throws off the editing process to have it there while you're editing. Can we get that removed in the next update?

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