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Must-have app for all police officers and detectives.

Have you ever wanted to be a police sketch artist?
Well, now you can use the flashface app and create sketches of
criminals or yourself and your friends. It provides a large number of each facial components including eyes, nose, mouth, hair, head,
eyebrows, glasses, mustache, jaw and beard.

- You can move and scale all face elements on the screen.
- You can save the faces
- You can load/open saved faces
- You can export faces as JPEG image

Create and save your own sketches and share them with your friends NOW!
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2 out of 5

14 ratings in United States

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Excellent App for Law Enforcement

Cfriskme on

However, it needs to be updated to include females. Also, you need to add more hairstyles and the ability to shorten or lengthen hair.

What is this a puzzle?

finn🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️ on

It doesn't put it exactly where it goes.

this app is awesome

heavymetalgod097 on

very good sketch app very useful and fun

No wrinkles and other facial details

hsw27 on

You can only get the result of a young person through this app. Don’t buy, not really worth it.

This app needs improvement

Rosy QOH's on

This app doesn’t include any accessories for example (hats,bandannas,scarfs,jewelry,tattoos,scar or anything) It should have categories like (age range 20-25 25-30 etc...) face variety ( long, small, oval, round wide, slim etc...) Nose (long, short, small, fat, flat, pointy etc....) Race (Hispanic, Caucasia, Black, Native, Asian etc....) I think everything should be in categories so it can be easier to find and choose and for the picture could be more accurate. The app needs more features then what I have mentioned, whoever created this app hopefully you can up grade it with this features I have mentioned and more good luck and please keep working on it you have talent and you are capable to make things better just keep working on it.


Rolling Stone Magazine (Real) on

One gender, pretty limited options

Won’t open

NikoleneAlwin on

Will not open on my phone. Stuck on “loading images” front page.

VERY DISAPPOINTED—rename the app (“full” but not, $8 for “full” with women)

eandonian on

You cheated me! I bought “THE FULL VERSION” only to find out it doesn’t include women. Total BULL Artem & Viktor! I want a refund. FULL MEANS FULL. ‘Men only’means HALF FULL dudes.

doesn’t open

alekx0925090 on

app doesn’t work at all. loads for a while, then immediately shuts off

Unable to use app

unable yo use on

The app will not open.

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Viktor Widiker
Recent version
2.0.3 (7 years ago )
Released on
Aug 28, 2012 (11 years ago )
Last updated
1 week ago