Food Additives 2
Check the safety of your food.
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► This application is perfect for those at risk, the health conscious, parents, vegetarians, vegans and/or people on religious based diets.

Food additives may have revolutionized the mass production of the food that we consume, but at what cost to your health? Fully searchable, this app lets you quickly & easily access the general information of 450+ food additives (no internet connection required!).

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Not all food additives are bad for your health, but a large percentage have been associated with a whole range of potential health risks & side effects, that include:

■ Allergies & skin reactions
■ Asthma & breathing difficulties
■ Baby & infant related risks
■ Digestive upsets
■ Eye damage & effects
■ Genetic DNA mutations
■ Gluten intolerance (Celiac disease)
■ Histamine inhibitors / freeing
■ Hyperactivity in children
■ Migraines & headaches
■ Tumors / carcinogens
■ Salicylate sensitivity (aspirin etc)
■ Vitamin deficiency and/or effects


■ Name
■ Number (International Numbering System)
■ Risk type (i.e. dangerous, unsafe, unknown or safe)
■ Symptom type (i.e. asthma, gluten, tumors, allergies, digestive etc)
■ Diet type (i.e. substance derived from animal, plant, insect, bacteria or fermentation, synthetic, mineral etc)
■ Fully instant search support


■ Additive number (e.g. E150b), additive name & other name they may go by
■ Substance origin (plant, synthetic, animal, mineral, fish, insect, bacteria, gas etc)
■ General use & function of the additive
■ Food industry classes & (coloring agent, preservative, emulsifier etc.)
■ Food products associated with the additive
■ Known & potential side effects relating to the additive
■ Maximum or adequate daily intake (ADI) of the additive
■ Dietary restrictions (helpful for vegetarian, vegan & religion based diets)
■ Countries unapproved for use as a food additive (currently Europe & Australian data)


■ Full instant search functionality
■ Wikipedia integration for even more detail. Each additive conveniently embeds Wikipedia within the app (internet required for this functionality)
■ Color coded by risk (red=danger, orange=unsafe, unknown=blue, safe=green)
■ Icons for all symptom types (i.e. asthma, gluten, tumors, allergies, digestive etc)
■ Icons for all substance origin types (i.e. synthetic, mineral, fish animal based etc)
■ Flag icons for countries unapproved (Europe & Australia)
■ Fast, inbuilt database, so no internet required
■ Fancy layout, scrolling and 3D flip card between additive overview & details page

* PARTIAL multilingual language^ support inbuilt (labels, heading names etc. only. You can switch between English (native), French, German, Spanish, Italian (native), Dutch (native) & Japanese. Note: Languages that aren't native are software translated from native English

NOTE: Data is consolidated from a number of public / open sources, including; CAC (Codex), FDA, Government Food Standards agencies etc and is for general private and non-medical use only.
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Well made and informative

SomeFdUPLiberal on

Few apps are as informative with good UI. They do a great job of informing about additives, written in a way that anyone can understand what is in their food. A must have for people who eat stuff.

Also disapointed

jgmcm on

Just a link to wikipedia..somewhat credible


LadyIce830 on

Just glanced thru at first and right away saw amaranth. Being GF I am familiar with the grain, but is listed here as a "synthetically manufactured azo dye" also known as "food red 9". It should also be listed as Red Dye 2 and in fairness a disclaimer placed that this is not the same as the grain as not everyone who sees the listing will be aware or know to check for themselves. Some may even claim fraudulent information. It makes the app look less credible... It's not helpful if I have to cross reference every listing because of a lack of clarity within the app creating doubt.


4229k on

No mention of Maltrodextrin and its many side effects, sometimes very serious and is being put in many foods as an flavor enhancer etc. a must to be listed and its side effects.

Bueno pero...

AlejandroAriel on

Muy buena herramienta para los que queremos saber que productos consumimos y nos hacen daño… pero no esta en español a pesar de que la descripción de app si lo esta! las descripciones son básicas e invitan a ver mas en wikipedia.

Great app!

spatterfree on

Thanks for the great app, keep on working on improvements!


enasNsane on

Just read an article about brominated vetable oil. While my own research and the article list several side effects, this app states no info available. The above ingredient has such negative effects, that it is banned in numerous countries.

Useful app!

ChuckHoffman on

Just about every chemical that can be found in food, with information, risks and a safety rating. A great reference!


Gabarudy on

Thank you!! Great app!

Great App

Havinfaithdaily on

I use this all the time, amazed by what foods are allowed to contain. Would like more info regarding Gluten ingredients and how they are hidden.

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