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Join millions of users around the world in enjoying the #1 apps browser in the App Store and one of iLounge's 100 Essential Apps! G-Whizz! is the easiest way to use your favorite services and has been reimagined and recreated to be easier-to-use and more useful than ever.

In addition to everything that has made G-Whizz! so popular, you can now enjoy the following features:

• Support for iOS 9
• Support for new iPad split screen multitasking
• Support for iPhone 6/6 Plus
• Easy access to your favorite Google apps, plus the most popular social apps, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and more
• Support for multiple Google accounts (finally!)
• Support for more than a dozen languages
• Protect your data with an app passcode
• Personalize the app with infinite theme colors
• Enhanced browser with the ability to share to your favorite social networks
• Plus much, much more

Try G-Whizz! today and discover what you've been missing!

As always, if G-Whizz! makes your life a little easier, the best way to thank us is to share it with your friends!

This app and content herein is © 2010-2015 G-Whizz! Apps, LLC. All rights reserved. G-Whizz!™ and the G! logo™ are trademarks of G-Whizz! Apps, LLC. Certain other trademarks and copyrights referenced in the app are the property of their respective owners.
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3.61 out of 5

44 ratings in United States

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It stopped working two weeks ago.

krisdogwalker on

It stopped working two weeks ago. I can’t edit or add dates to my calendar.I’ve been using it for years! It’s been a lifeline for my work and appointments. I’m so bummed. 😢

Duplicate drafts driving me nuts

Hitechprincess on

I have used this app for years and loved it, recommended it to friends and colleagues, and appreciated the all-in-one usability. However since Google did away with Google+ (and I assume this is somehow related to that event), whenever I create an email or reply on this app on my iPhone I end up with several draft versions even after I've sent the final email. I have to go back, click edit for each one, and delete one by one. I deleted the app and reinstalled without success. Extremely frustrating for this longtime user and promoter of G-Whiz Plus!!! :(

I use the tasks feature

Mtcarver on

I use the tasks feature all the time. I depend on it. It’s very reliable.

G-Whiz review

PatO'Morrill on

This app worked fine for two years then Apple required an update of month ago and since then I have deleted it,added it back in and it still does not work. I was told if I got a newer phone it would probably work but my phones on two years old so I found a way to not need G-Whiz. This is a very to satisfied customer

CAUTION: AbandonWare - Functionality Crippled

Mil_Mascaras on

Caution: Developer Abandoned in Spring 2016. The “Gmail” part still works, but just about everything else is either deprecated, never connects, or just doesn’t work anymore. I bought in Dec 2015, and within 6 months ir become crippled. The first month it worked quite well. I keep looking for an update, but NO, the developer has abandoned this software since last year. Pretty much dead since Mid 2016...

Great app, made even better by new Google Mail

thoughtful44 on

I have always really liked G-whizz -- easy to manage, lots of apps easy to find. Now that Google Mail has updated itself, to something I rate as low as possible, G-while is even more appealing.

It's okay. It's a web browser. May be useful.

crasshipster on

I've just put the Facebook app back on my phone - I can't link a name in a post on this app. And it's a just a web browser, which I knew - but paid anyway. I wanted to get resource and notification hogs like the Facebook app off of my phone. I'm not on social media much - but I need quick access. Ideally this app will still be useful enough to keep.

Phone Feature - Two Thumbs Down

Boss_Lady_Grady on

I use this app primarily for the phone feature to review my call log history or the inbox feature. The feature hasn't worked in months. Via feel cheated because I paid for the app to eliminate the annoying ads on the free version. I loath deception! Get it together Google! 10/03/2016 Update: This app is still not functioning properly. Still can't check call log.

Video ads everywhere!!

Gas'm all on

Something changed recently and now in the app being bombarded by ads opening in a video window. Click close and it opens again. Making app useless. It's on the verge of being deleted. Back to google news app.

Confusing APP

itsmetam2018 on

Too much going on, too confusing. Hard to figure out what its purpose is. Didn't see any value in it.

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Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, French, English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Arabic
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4.0.2 (8 years ago )
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May 4, 2010 (14 years ago )
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