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Watching the time pass has never been so beautiful!

Gravity Clock visualizes the passage of time by the permanent destruction and reconstruction of the clock-face.
Every second the hand breaks numbers out of the dial and lets them drop to the floor where they get buried by the following numbers and eventually wither away to make room for the endless succession of time.

Watch the video here:

- realistic gravity/physics simulation, numbers fall as if they were real objects
- digital and analog mode
- control strength and direction of gravity with presets or customize them
- night mode with reduced brightness
- can speak the time every minute, every 5 minutes etc.
- change colors with presets or customize them
- universal app supports iPhone/iPod touch and iPad in all orientations, resolutions and window sizes
- looks perfect in an iPhone/iPad-dock
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4.75 out of 5

16 ratings in United States

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Love it.

not the devoloper on

This was the first app I downloaded 10+ years ago. I’ve loved it the whole time. It’s been on every device I’ve owned. Can you make a countdown timer like this?


Beckett II on

Perfect app, but I would like it to do Arabic-Indic numerals (١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩٠).


Timp49 on

Love the app it could stand to updated when open it does not open

Where's the Alarm?

Drctdby on

I rated this 5 stars when I got this a few years ago. It continued to be 5 stars until the latest update. Now, I can't find the alarm function. My workaround is to use the alarm in the native clock app on my iPad but still have Gravity Clock displayed. Please restore the alarm function in Gravity Clock and my rating will jump to 6 stars!

****** A perfect app made awesome

Fan of RPN on

The update has blown me away. I recently had the previous version on my desk. A seat mate saw it and immediately downloaded it. He will definitely want the update and you will too. If you could get an iPad for the cost of a clock, you would make this your clock. There is only one problems: it is so mesmerizing, you may not get any work done. When the analog clock (there is also digital) hit 12:00 a spectacular display happened.

Please update this app Sent from my iPad

finster3 on

Beautiful update!! Thank you !!!!!!😊 Sent from my iPad

I Love This Clock

WADE1217 on

The fluid way the numbers fall away is simply mesmerizing! So relaxing to watch. I hope Joerg is able to update it to run on 64 bit iOS 11. UPDATE: Rewrite complete. Future usage secure on iOS 11. THANK YOU JOERG!!

Love this app

Rp410 on

I have used and loved this app for about a year. Then I tried the Beta for OS11 and this app wouldn't work with it. I wanted to thank the developer for the update, the app works great again. Keep up the good work.

Very cool rewrite

Rosea1 on

Always an intriguing app, it's now even better. Five stars, for sure!

No more alarm?

Qwertyonetwothreefour on

Clock is useless without alarm.

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joerg piringer
Recent version
3.0.1 (6 years ago )
Released on
Apr 1, 2010 (14 years ago )
Last updated
3 days ago