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Take notes, write and plan.
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The all-in-one platform for managing projects.
One workspace to keep track of all your work. Bring together tasks, documents, timelines, planning, files and your team's communication.


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belrogers18 on

Absolutely love this app / website. I use it everyday and pay to have extra space on it as well. It’s so useful and I love that you can have separate spaces for separate projects and have sections within the notes itself. I used to use google docs for all of my planning and writing but it was frustrating when I have to have multiple pages scattered across the website rather than having them in one place. Hello Ivy makes planning and journaling so much easier and more organized. I use it to journal, and split the journals into what each month so I can keep the time. I’m using it to help me plan my wedding, having my wedding planning being the biggest section, and having multiple categories under either that with their own smaller categories. Hello ivy makes my life so much simpler. I love this app and would pay however much I needed to to use it because it makes my day to day life easier and honestly, super satisfying to have all of my thoughts organized and in one place. Highly recommend this app for people who like to journal and organize their thoughts :))

Has promise. Needs tags and better search features

debinatx on

Love the concept but so many features missing such as hashtags and backlinks. I would settle for just a more robust search engine. There’s something genius in there and I like it so much better than Notion. But I’m really hoping the devs keep at it. Premium subscriber and hoping these guys pull through. #FingersCrossed

Cool but doesn’t sync between Desktop and Mobile

andymgnr on

Really wanted to like this as I found it on desktop and took the time to set up all my spaces and pages, and then on mobile it displays all of them as blank or still the default from before I edited the page contents. I’ve tried everything and I can’t get it to sync on mobile.

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Jun 25, 2021 (2 years ago )
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