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HVAC PT Buddy contains Pressure Temperature relationships for over 100 refrigerants in both Metric and English units in one degree increments. All refrigerant blends have bubble and dew points on the same line. To better indicate temperature glide R404a, R407c, and R410a show both temperatures for the same pressure on one line. For most of the current common refrigerants you can also view several additional thermodynamic properties enthalpy, entropy, specific heat, etc. Each refrigerant has chemical name, boiling point, critical pressure, critical temperature.

In short, this is the most comprehensive list of refrigerant properties available.

Core Functionality:

• Pressure / temperature relationships
• One degree Increments
• Fahrenheit and Celsius
• Last refrigerant selection recall
• Quick jump to top and bottom of list


R-11, R-12, R-13, R-13b1, R-21, R-22, R-23, R-32, R-113, R-114, R-115, R-116, R-123, R-124, R-125, R-134a, R-E134, R-141b, R-142b, R-143a, R-152a, R-170, R-E170, R-218, R-227ea, R-236ea, R-236fa, R-245ca, R-245cb, R-245fa, R-E245fa1, R-C270, R-290, R-C318, R-400-(50/50), R-400-(60/40), R-401A, R-401B, R-401C, R-402A, R-402B, R-403A, R-403B, R-404a, R-406A, R-407A, R-407B, R-407c, R-407D, R-408A, R-409A, R-410a, R-410B, R-411A, R-411B, R-412A, R-413A, R-414A, R-414B, R-415A, R-416A, R-417A, R-420A, R-421A, R-422A, R-422B, R-422C, R-422D, R-500, R-501, R-502, R-503, R-504, R-507a, R-507, R-508B, R-509A, R-600, R-600a, R-601, R-601a, R-717, R-718, R-744, R-1150, R-1270, FR-12, FX-220, FX-40, G2018c, GHG-HP, GHG-X5, HX4, NARM-12, NARM-22

Additional expanded thermodynamic properties are available at each pressure / temperature combination for the following refrigerants:

R12, R22, R23, R32, R123, R124, R125, R134a, R143a, R152a, R170, R245fa, R290, R404a, R407c, R410a, R507a, R600, R600a, R717, R718, R744, R1150, and R1270

Metric and Imperial expanded thermodynamic properties include:

• Bubble and Dew temp
• Pressure (psia / MPa)
• Density of Liquid
• Volume of Vapor
• Enthalpy of Liquid and Vapor
• Entropy of Liquid and Vapor
• Specific Heat of Liquid and Vapor

These properties are available by tapping on the pressure temperature row.

Notes on Refrigerant Blends:

• Bubble and dew points combined on one line for all blends
• R404a, R407c, and R410a key on pressure to better indicate temperature glide

Additional information:

• Chemical Name
• Formula
• Ozone depletion potential (ODP)
• global warming potential (GWP)
• molecular mass
• boiling point
• critical pressure
• critical temperature

Roughly a fourth of the refrigerants have additional information including color code, lubricants, etc.

HVAC PT Buddy is part of the HVACBuddy Suite of applications for the HVAC/R industry. We strive to make each app the best in class solution for it's purpose. You can be confident the app you buy today will continue to be updated and improved.

HVAC GridBuddy Store customers, units. Calculate and compare 30+ system operating characteristics.

HVAC Duct Calc Buddy - Powerful tool with a simple to use real-time interface to help you choose optimal duct sizes.

HVAC Buddy - Number One Selling Refrigerant Charging and diagnostics app using Superheat, Subcooling, Airflow. Email System Status Report to yourself or to client. Metric or Imperial.

HVAC Psychrometric Buddy - Quickly calculate thermodynamic properties of moist air at temperatures commonly used in HVAC systems. Enter multiple sets of properties, mix air streams.
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Need updates

Cowboy6959 on

Was ok but now it’s quit working because there’s new no update available

When will this app be updated?!?!

Gyz400 on

I have paid for this app and it’s not being updated, along with several other apps by Kevin Burandt, that were paid for (in good faith) so that they would be maintained by the developer. When will they be updated?!?!

Update please

Karat023 on

It was a good app for the price but when my iPhone updated the app is worthless, please take care of your clients and update your app.


WhackoDingo on

Great in the past but developer hasn’t updated the app to work on iOS version 11+.

Update your apps please

kswkrw on

I bought a bundle of your apps and I love them, they help my daily work load. Now that my IPhone was updated to iOS 11.1 I can no longer use what I paid for. PLEASE UPDATE.

Needs updated

Clp62 on

All of this developers apps are really good but they do not work with ios11. Please update


Hydra52 on

Both 409a and 416a are off by several degrees. This isn't horseshoes or hand grenades, it's refrigeration and must be accurate or it's worthless! This app has potential but must be corrected to be useful and trusted in the field.

Very. Nice

Joevinski on

Love this app I am in HVAC school and this app has saved my butt many of times very hand and easy to use plus goes in 1 degree increments so very accurate alot better then fumbling thru various paper charts that rip or get dirty


Deeairoll on

I checked R-408a against 3 separate printed references. 2 to 3 degrees off every time. I'm glad I checked my references before I decided that my subcooling was off. If you buy this app make sure you have a PT chart handy. Better yet, don't buy the app and glue your PT chart to your iPhone. Problem solved!


Belair235 on

Yo where's pounds per gallon?

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