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A complete multiple dive / multi-level dive planner for the technical diver. Includes support for Open Circuit Diving as well as Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR).

Includes decompression stops, gas usage, CNS tracking, OTU tracking, Surface Interval tracking and many other features. Currently implements the Buhlmann ZHL16/C with Erik Baker's GF algorithm.

Open Circuit - Scuba : Supports Air to TriMix (any combination of O2/He/N2), with an unlimited number of decompression gases. Includes Thirds support for planning dives.

Closed Circuit (CCR): Supports any O2/He/N2 combination for diluent. Automatically generates bailout plans based on entry of bailout gases. Features a Cave/Wreck bailout option for overhead environment bailouts and gas planning.

Gas Fill/Mixer: Allows for filling of Air, Nitrox and Trimix via a simple, easy to use interface.

All settings are configurable via the iPhone Settings.

Supports US Imperial and Metric

iDeco Pro vs. iDeco
Pro has many features and improvements to make dive planning even easier.

1) Fully revamped user experience

2) Settings can now be changed in the app.

3) My Gases - Allows you to have a list of the 50 most used gases. Works for the dive phase, deco phase and bailout.

4) New runtime display.

5) Added much higher pressure support for mixing.

6) Superior email support - You can now view, edit and cc others on your plans.

7) Many, many more small features added.

8) Future support for many more decompression algorithms.
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Great but needs an update

golfpro93 on

Great app! But they need to update the screen size to fit the new iPhones (Iphone X and newer)

Great dive planning software!

ollie bubbles on

The algorithm used in this app is fairly popular amongst other technical dive computers and their for fairly standardized. The user interface is what really makes this app rock! Everything that needs to be adjustable is and makes those adjustments incredibly easy. Better still is the price! You can’t normally touch software running this algorithm for this little cash. Weather your into technical deco diving or even basic recreational diving this app has something for you. The gas planning/consumption data is helpful in any dive planning scenario. I’ve bought VPM planner and other spendyer apps so I could run dive plans through multiple algorithms and HIGHLY prefer iDeco Pro’s user interface. When comparing deco schedules between the different algorithms, you’ll find there is very small subtle differences.

Good, Simple to Use

JoeScuba on

The most recent NEDU data seem to indicate gradient factor based dive plans are more reliable than VPM and various bubble models that get you out of the water faster. Not having VPM is only really an issue if you need to match the plan to a dive computer that only offers VPM. You should also be checking technical dive plans against multiple sources, so I wouldn’t rely solely on a single app anyway. If this had settings for altitude diving and fresh water, I’d give 5 stars.

Antiquated algorithm but adequate...

sp464 on

Still an antiquated algorithm with the addition of more rainbow farting unicorns. Limited but adequate for light to moderate technical dives. VPM would make this app a real winner and suited for more advanced mixed gas OC/CCR dives. Good for the money tho! V-Planner is still the better choice for the serious technical diver.


A902450928543 on

Useful, but too many bugs to bother listing. If you rely on it to cut tables (ehhhhh), make sure to double-check the work with a different app! Needs an update really badly. Graphics not entirely compatible with current iOS. Rendering errors abound. I'm starting to suspect this app is "abandon-ware" sadly. Here's hoping I'm wrong.... :(

Seen better

ccrayl on

Decent app. Leaves a lot to be desired. Baltic is better.

Application Support / Feedback

Egon_ on

The support links go to a website that doesn’t have anything but a splash page. Our diving group uses this program to plan dives, and we use the dive plan email feature to send dives to one another. One thing that’s missing from the email is the surface interval between dives.

Good app with too glitches

Dgonzalez360ven on

As general speaking the app do the job but with some considerations, for example when you plan a deco dive within the app and the dive plan throws you lets say a deco stop at 9m for 8 minutes and you set a leg at the same deep for 10 minutes the app dont recognize the extended level and still set the 9m for 8 minutes stop wich total time will be 18 minutes (extended level plus real deco stop) very diferent from the original 8 minutes or even 10 minutes level. Also would be great to controll the ascent rate, descent rate and sac more precisly . My real deco sac is under the minimum value on the app. Delete waypoints or legs can be tricky because the app delete the waypoint but dont keep the info for the other wp instead the app overlap the info you are triying to delete with the next wp.

nice but some bad bugs

FrankieDee123 on

Cannot set SAC rate so gas planning is useless.

Awesome dive planner

Scuba Pilot on

From simple air dives to complex trimix dives this has been our team's go-to dive planner since we first discovered it in 2009. We used to use a desktop planner but when you're at the dive site or on the dive boat and things change you need a portal dive planner. We first discovered the need for this app when we were trimix diving off Pompano Beach and had to change our dive site due to currents. Rather than scrub the dive and go back to the campground to plan a new dive we were able to change our plan at the dock and had a great dive. Now we use it for every deco dive. It covers everything from gas management to oxygen exposure. We've been able to plan second dives while on the dive boat based on the results of the first dive allowing us to get the best bang for our buck on every boat trip. Thanks Brock for one of the most essential pieces of dive gear in our bags!

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