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Discover your next job opportunity on Indeed, the free job search app designed to connect you with better work anytime, anywhere.

Forget the other job search apps. With 12 jobs added every second and smart search filters to quickly narrow in on your ideal role, your next job is at your fingertips.

Whether casually browsing or urgently applying, Indeed has the jobs you want, all in one place, with advanced functionality to help you find work that meet your needs and easily apply from your device.

• Search the comprehensive database to find jobs, which includes employment opportunities posted on other job search sites, and explore recommended roles based on your preferences and work experience.

• Upload your resume or use Indeed’s resume builder to show your best self to employers and let your next job find you.

• Apply with your saved resume to avoid rewriting the same information for each job application during your job search.

• Keep track of applications during your job search and get notified when an employer has read and responded to your application on Indeed.

• Understand what employees think about their workplace with more than 700 million company ratings and reviews.

• Uncover what a job pays before you apply with more than 1.1 billion salaries searchable by job title, company, and location.

• Find jobs with flexible work options using our smart search filters, including: remote jobs, side jobs, freelance jobs, government jobs, part time jobs, and jobs that allow you to work from home or work from anywhere.

No matter where you are in your career, our job search app lets you show your best self, from application to interview. At Indeed, we help people get jobs.

By downloading this app, you agree to Indeed's Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service found at, where you may avail of your rights at any time, including the right to object to the legitimate interest use of your personal data for marketing purposes. You further agree that by downloading this app, Indeed may process, analyze, and record any and all activities you take while using the app and any and all interactions and communications you have with, on, or through the app. We do so in order to optimize user experience and achieve the proper functioning of the app. In order to provide you with certain services and support ad attribution, user data, such as your IP address or other unique identifier and event data related to the installation of the Indeed App, may be shared with certain service providers when you download or install this app.

This is performed for the legitimate interest of allowing Indeed to understand and optimize our users' complete customer journey by:

• helping us understand how users arrive to Indeed
• better measure the performance of our ads;
• facilitating user logins through third party accounts in certain cases; and
• helping us understand where a user accesses Indeed through different devices

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yes im way better than you on

First of all, all the jobs you show me are places I’ve never even heard of, have zero information, contacts or anything at all. Everything you show me is not in my area even though I click on the location I’m at. It’s so difficult to find any actual known companies why can’t it be easier to find something specific???

Good, but

Keanogonzalez on

I appreciate the app but it seems you removed the search option to see what days the job was posted! Now I have to search through old posting.


Shanpwn on

Did you seriously remove the ability to sort by date, relevance, or narrow posts by date posted? Way to ruin the entire purpose of a job search tool. How am I supposed to know if any positions are even actually open? Or new? Why on earth would you do this?

The worst job search app

LambOfGod160 on

I have been trying to use this app periodically for many years. I have a good work history and education but it seems none of that helps on indeed. Recently I have been looking for new opportunities and I have applied over and over and over to companies I am qualified to work for and 90% of those companies have not even viewed my application, the other 10% instantly rejected me which is strange considering they didn’t even have enough time to possibly review my resume before I got the email within seconds of applying. So I tried a different app and suddenly I’m getting phone calls from companies that never responded on indeed. Also there are many times when you hit apply on indeed and it does nothing and stays on the same page so you have to refresh it or close the app and try again, and that persists even after ensuring the app is up to date. The filters for mileage radius don’t work either. There are more suggestions for jobs you aren’t qualified for than anything and even if you update your preferences to exclude them, the continue to show in your results. I’ve seen a lot of reputable employers seem to no longer use this app for candidates as well so the work is moving elsewhere on other apps. Indeed is only good if you are either in healthcare or have very specific licenses and experience in intensive labor positions, like digging ditches for new electrical lines or something. It’s a very weird app with no reputable employers and filters that don’t work. 0/5 stars.

False advertisement

Doc pepper 205 on

You offer a job such as New City MTA Cleaner. When I click on it you will ask for so much information about me then you take me to every job but MTA cleaner. Why list the job if you aren’t going to take me there ?

Indeed map?

wallahbaby on

I love indeed, but the developers should add a map segment so we can see where the jobs are instead of having to look up the adress every time


J12346* on

The app has gone down hill. It asks me to update my profile with the same questions every day and it doesn’t work respect when I say I don’t prefer certain locations. It keeps showing me jobs in those locations. There also needs to be more filters to weed out any commission based job.

Easy as pie

Sheena B Savage on

The best app for finding work. Very helpful. No glitches at all.

The app in general

papismahpOO on

Honestly I don’t understand why we need to do a pop quiz and go through all the questions and all the troubles for either A: the company never even looks at your job application B: they answer back 3-6 MONTHS later Half the jobs are completely irrelevant to me and mostly half the jobs there are miles away honestly your better off going through google maps and applying directly in the company’s websites or calling them because this app is a big waste of time

One star is too generous

Madi🍁 on

Stop showing me jobs I can't get. There's a filter, correct? Well, it doesn't seem to work, because I'm still seeing jobs that require years of experience and degrees I DON'T HAVE. Wasting everyone's time

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