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Inventory & Sales Manager helps you manage and track your Inventory and Orders with accounting methods. The balance sheet will give you a quick snapshot of all of your inventory. Record easily your sales and purchase orders with the barcode reader. Email/Print invoices or sale receipts to customers or vendors. The barcode will pull up all information on the item without any extra taps or clicks.

Inventory & Sales Manager is a complete mobile inventory management system for small businesses. Dramatically increase profitability with an automated, real-time, user-friendly approach to inventory management. Eliminate inventory write-offs, quickly perform audits, and stop wasting time searching for lost inventory. Quickly sync data between all your devices.

Ability to show a daily, weekly, and monthly Sales and Purchases report for each line item. Issue reports for a specific client or a supplier by date or by item. Export tax reports on your sales or your purchases. Import and export inventory list from other software and inversely.

* Pay or receive payments with Paypal (New feature).
* Multi-user sync
* Email/Print invoices or sale receipts to customers or vendors.
* Import an export data from/to other app or software
* Barcode Scanning (Turn toggle switch on for Barcode Scanning from settings and turn the app into a POS for Sales and Purchases).
* Minimum Stock Alert
* Expiry date tracking
* Length, Height, Width, Weight, Colour and other attributs to a specific item
* Customer History View
* Supplier History View.
* Cost Tracking
* Custom Pricing Models
* Inventory Movement Tracking
* Inventory Forecasting
* Inventory Optimization
* Inventory Overview
* Multi-Location
* Order Entry
* Purchase Order Management
* Reorder Management
* Search / Filter
* Serialized Inventory Tracking
* Supplier Management
* Traceability
* Transfer Management
* Warehouse Management
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3.59 out of 5

34 ratings in United States

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Gavins_bat_girl on

The only issue I have with this app is that I have multiple sizes of the same thing and it won’t let me differentiate between them. Other than that I like the app.

Very good

mmpaaker on

I like this app. And if this app have any back office from Mac then this will be very professional. Pls craete and Mac version too.

Not as described

Facilcare on

Waste of money

Needs return to home button

ka4yfn on

There needs to be a home button on the main menu that will allow you to get to the sales and purchased page without going through the backward procedure otherwise than that it is a good app to make it fully functional it needs this function.


aray1987 on

This app is great for inventory but allows you to add a username and password but will not allow me it keeps saying error and that is irritating due to the fact that I use multiple devices

Confusing & No Customer Support

MaggDee on

I recently started my own business from home. I bought this app in hopes that it would help me keep up with inventory as well as let me know where I stood financially. I don’t like the fact that you aren’t able to do one entry for an item and have different sizes... so each of my clothing items have a single entry for each size and then when I have different colors it’s a long mess in the description so that I am able to see on what each item is. I also don’t like the fact that when you run a purchase report it doesn’t work at all, therefore you have no total on how much you have spent on your inventory which is very frustrating because you have to go through and add up each individual item you have to see where you stand financially. The most frustrating part of it all is that I’ve tried multiple times to contact ICubemedia and NO ONE has ever responded and it doesn’t look like they will be anytime soon.... If they would respond maybe some issues could be resolved and I wouldn’t have had to give them one star, but they haven’t so my opinion is don’t waste your time and money on this app or this company.

Bad Scanner

Sparklejem on

I would love this product if it wasn't so hard to scan my product barcodes.

Awesome management tool!

Oliver1408 on

Really helpful and useful tool, helps to manage my sales. Simple interface, so you don't need to get used to it, everything really fast and easy to use, great app

Wonderful app for my business

Darina K on

It's very useful app for businessmen. It has lots of features : barcode reader, pay or receive payments with PayPal , multi - user sync and others. Good helper for you!!!

The best Business Management

Irine Kashina on

I bought this app a week ago. I have been running a store without any management because it was a small business. This app has helped a lot and it’s very simple and user friendly. I like the fact to be able to make tax reports and sales reports, now I feel that i have everything under control

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iCubemedia Inc.
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1.2.6 (6 years ago )
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Jun 4, 2015 (8 years ago )
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