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There isn't much better than a sweet, juicy, perfectly ripe watermelon.
Yet, all watermelons aren't created equal...

From the dawn of civilization, mankind tried to determine the unknown: whether a watermelon is ripe or not. Many studies and Billions of $ went to the drain, until today... THE SEARCH HAS ENDED.
Mankind has evolved.
Tap it.
Tap it 3 times.

Had enough of buying a bland watermelon?
Tired of disappointing your family and friends?
iWatermelon is an application that interprets the feedback it receives by tapping on the watermelon to detect its ripeness, using a unique custom made formula for determining whether the watermelon is sweet or not depending on its size, color and feedback sound.
All you have to do is place your device on the desired watermelon, select its approximate size and color, and tap it three times.
After a quick data processing, iWatermlon will scan and rate accordingly whether the watermelon is unripe, fair or amazing!

TIP: iWatermelon is also fun to try on more hollow, round objects :)

Try it for yourself, share your results with your friends and send us photos of you and your super sweet iWatermelon pick watermelon!

iWatermelon Deluxe is the original, first-time ever, watermelon detector app!

Bon Appétit!
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Good app!

frankgIII on

It’s not 100% amazing all the time like it says but I will say it’s 100% better than the ones I use to pick without it!!! I use to pick some terrible watermelons before at times and have wasted a lot more than the .99 cents. Now I have yet to get a bad watermelon, some good and yes some have been amazing! I check 3 times around melon and may look crazy in the store knocking on them, but good thing I love me some melons. :)


mikesses on

Bought the app. Tried it by tapping on my phone without a watermelon. It told me it was going to be great. And yes my “air” watermelon was great. It’s cute and only costs $.99 but when something isn’t real it should be described as so.

By far the most accurate Watermelon app

Excellentlogicpuzzleapp on

It told me to buy a watermelon. So I did. Easily the second best purchase of the day (I also bought the app earlier). That watermelon was the best I've ever had! I feel sorry for those not fortunate enough to own this app.

Zero stars. Other review is fake.

sofsof007 on

First watermelon I bought with this app— the app said it was fantastic. It was passable but not fantastic at all. Today, as I was about to tap 3 times on the watermelon, as the app instructed, a worker at the market dropped a box about two feet from me and it knocked something off. The app “thought” about it and said that I should pass on the watermelon. Never touched it, obviously. Then, I restarted the app and did tap on the watermelon. I was told it was “just OK”. I bought it anyway and this “just OK” one turned out to be absolutely great. Can I get my money back or do I need to tap three times first and be told “pass on it?”

Didn't work

Hdjiabbdu on

Tried on so many watermelons in supermarket but none of them worked out. It asked me to skip all of the watermelons I've tried... Ok... I had to ignore the app and bought a random one and it turned out to be sweet and juicy! I guess you don't really need this app... Totally useless app. Wish I could get refund!

Water melon madness

broadmoor441 on

Did not work. Well, it did work on the dash of my car. According to this app, my car was ready to eat. Tried it out at the Farmer's Market on about twenty melons. Failure!

This is great

MaymayJ88 on

Actually went to the supermarket to test it, conclusions: 1. A girl thumping on a watermelon get alot if attention :) 2. This app really works, sweet watermelon bought :)

brilliant :)

Xux_xuX on

why I didn't think about this?? :))


JefferyBoii on

pure genius app!

Great app.

Unifyit on

Saved me some really bad choices with watermelons

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