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Jelly Band is a colorful and enjoyable journey into the world of amazing sounds! Create your own interactive Jelly orchestra and get mesmerized by the soulful melodies you create! Once again meet with your Jelly friends and thanks to their help remix the lovely tunes you know from the Jelly Defense blockbuster game! Become the passionate conductor you always wanted to be and get unlimited pleasure of this sublime musical ride!
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25 ratings in United States

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Update this game

Fish770 on

Please add a melodica a dobro and a harp

Very fun, but I wish there was more to do

Nuclear Knight on

The game is very fun because the songs, especially the second stage, are very addicting and fun to mess around with. Unfortunately, there isn’t very much content within the game at all, with only two stages. After a few hours of messing around, there really isn’t any reason to continue playing the game. The only thing it has to say for itself in terms of replay ability is the fact you periodically unlock interact-able objects on each stage for playing longer. This would help the game, but from what I’ve seen there are only two of unlockable objects per stage as well as no indication that they exist and when you unlock them. The player has no reason to know about the unlockables and so it really is meaningless in terms of the longevity of the game. Jelly Band is a game that definitely needs more content. More stages, more objects— I think the number of Jellies is actually fine, but maybe adding more via unlock would be a good idea. The game just needs more incentive to continue playing it past the first ten minutes to an hour.

Update The Game

Fuzball63YT on

I've been playing but ONLY TWO STAGES?!. You need to update the game soon


Om shou Dive on

It’s fun till you figure out that the recording part glitches a lot so when you set a sound at a certain point in the tune, it will be like you set that sound 4 counts ahead or behind in the recorded version, making it sound like crap sooo 👎🏻

Cool... but it's not enough!

My Beaty Snapness on

It's a fun music game. Two stages, a tune per stage, lots of musicians, insanity playing! But hold your horses, this app makes me want another stage, another tune, and some other musicians.


PJMet66 on

Awesome but only one song

Awesome 🦄🌈💩💃🍰🍩💗😘🤩💍

marbanno on

It’s just speechless

Please, sir, may we have some more

Dspitzle on

I was thrilled when this app was unexpectedly updated for iOS 11, but now I want more tunes! My 3yo daughter has enjoyed this for much of her life, and I enjoyed it even before that, so it’s a shame I can’t throw the company some $ via IAP for more content.

Tunes are super catchy

Sir Render on

My 4 year old daughter loves this, and I can’t keep the tunes out of my head. Why are there only two levels?


Jellyfish is da bomb on

This is an awesome game, but both jelly games don't have enough levels. I Wasn't ready for this jelly!😜

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Infinite Dreams
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Nov 23, 2011 (12 years ago )
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