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The Jungian Type Questionnaire and e-book gives you an insight into yourself and how you operate in your inner and outer world. It is commonly accepted that people are different. Jungian Type Theory explains some of these basic differences or preferences, and encourages the genuine valuing of those differences. An understanding of type in general and your own type in particular can lead to better problem solving, conflict resolution, and increased self-understanding. It can also help you choose or adjust your career and it can, in a very practical way, help you on the job.
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Could be good if...

edelhaus on

The screen would rotate (iPad) and I could actually see all the questions. The way it is now is useless for evaluation. Also, the texts are written very small and although you can enlarge them you have to costantly shift the paragraph around to read the whole thing making it awkward at best. Fix the app and I'll revise my review.


Lisa915m on

There is something off. You can only see half the screen no matter what orientation you use. I really really hate you can get any refunds. This is a mistake that Apple should have caught and not allowed for sell. Really disappointed.

Can only view 1/2 the app screen

TraceyAshRN on

Please fix. App does not rotate with ipad. Unable to see the whole screen, making it impossible to use this App. I don't have this problem with any other app.

This didn't work for me at all!!

CurlyQk on

Don't waist your money just a black screen on my iPod, my teacher told me to get it I've been trying to get it to work all day!!! Someone should fix this cause its a rip off!!!!!!!!

Works Perfectly On iOS 6.0

KeenEdge1 on

This is a very well-made and thoughtfully rendered temperament analysis app. So, obviously it works fine for me. Booted right up, no black screen, no vital missing pieces or confusing UI. It's all here, albeit in a conveniently condensed form, from the biography of Carl Jung, to the temperament questionnaire, to the trait sorting methodology and the temperament analysis pages. Having your temperament laid out for you can be a sobering experience for some. If you want more info than this, read the book; "Please Understand Me" by David Keirsey


Blue Inlet on

THIS APP DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. See that others have said the same thing as me. ALL YOU GET IS A BLACK SCREEN. I am trying to figure out if this is a scam, since this has never happened before to me on the Itunes Store. I hope Apple removes this from their store. It's like selling people an empty box with great promises on the box, but nothing inside. Very, very frustrating. Spare yourself the waste of money and frustration.

Worked for me

berkeleynerd on

I'm using iOS 6 on an iPad 2 and the app worked for me.


Tiffany_anne on

Boo! Just a black screen!


mclizzle on

Just a black screen???

Very biased and poorly written

amber headlights on

Very biased questionnaire, particularly on thinking and feeling. They are phrased in such a manner that most people will come out as thinking just because it's phrased in a much more favorable manner than the feeling questions. Also, some of the questions are oddly specific, such as whether you help wash dishes when at a friend's house.

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