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Follow the path to self-discovery and acceptance and learn to interact effectively with other people using this complete Enneagram App as your guide.

This App, based on the accurate and powerful personality system known as the Enneagram, features the following 9 areas:

FIND YOUR TYPE: In this interactive game, discover which of the 9 Enneagram types best describes you. In addition, read a clear, concise overview of the 9 types, and store information about your friends’ types for future reference.

EXCEL AT INTERACTIONS: Using this interaction grid, you can instantly interact more effectively and build rapport with your colleagues, friends, and family. Simply click on 2 types to learn how these types interact when it is productive, when it is not, and what to do to make these relationships even better.

REDUCE STRESS: Practice three engaging activities for your type that will immediately reduce your stress level.

PREVENT CONFLICT: Learn what triggers conflict in individuals of all 9 types and what you can do to prevent this from happening.

DARE TO DEVELOP: Use this section for self-improvement on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Test yourself on the best approaches to use when you interact with your friends, family, and colleagues of the 9 Enneagram types in 10 different situations.

FAMOUS PEOPLE: Read amusing quotes from three famous people of each Enneagram type.

WEEKLY TIPS: Receive fun and insightful reminders for your Enneagram type that change every week.

PLUS MORE: Access the best Enneagram resources, and gain great information on the Enneagram wings, arrows, subtypes and more.

Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized Enneagram author, teacher, and organizational consultant. Her company, The Enneagram in Business, helps individuals and organizations use the Enneagram system for success in their personal and professional lives.
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mosapup on

Purchased app, will not even open. Closes immediately.


@expore360 on

This app might have been great in the past but it crashes and is a fail in my book

What a Great Little App

Idiza on

Once you install this app and figure out your personality type there are limited additional features to explore. But those tips per my type that arrive through my notifications are so perfect. It's amazing! Just the right words at just the right time. It's as if the app is in my head. Which I guess it is. Lol.

Good ennea- app

Ksmtmfh on

I use enneagrams in my work daily, teaching people about how their unthinking patterns of behavior impact their lives. This is the best app I've seen towards that end.

Super Dissapointed

Dshizzlez on

There's no real 'test' or questionnaire. The app describes each type on a card and asks a vague question that is very circumstantial. Every card will apply to you and without a guided list of question you'll never find out your type. You can't seriously be expected to evaluate yourself this way because the way the mind works, this like the visible self, blind self, and the fact that people tend to evaluate their lives and standing in life differently than it really is. A complete waste of $3. Like another reviewer, I've never actually felt like I needed a refund but this time I really do...

okay, not great, type tips are pretty bad

amber headlights on

I'm pretty sure some of the absolutely glowing reviews for this app were written by the author's friends. It's an okay app, but it's not great. There's a lot of information on there, and her enneagram quiz is fun. I like that you can test your knowledge of the different enneagram types as well. Her video clips of the types are pretty bad, however. For example, in her video clip for type Four, the supposed exemplar admits to being prone to an "us versus them" attitude which, if you've read much on the enneagram, you know is almost verbatim how a number of other authors describe type Six! It seems that anyone claiming to have expertise on the enneagram ought not to have video clips as exemplars for one type saying things that are stereotypical of another type. Someone who wasn't very informed about the enneagram might easily mistype themselves based on this. The other problem with her app is the type tips. The type tips are very hit or miss, and some weeks, they can be downright trite. It includes tips like "write down three things you like about yourself," "think of some positive things in your life" and "when you start to feel bad about yourself, stop...just STOP!" Also, she doesn't show an in-depth understanding of the fixations in her type-tips. The type Four ones, for example, are almost always geared towards depression and could be applicable to anyone of any type who was depressed. Her type Six tips have a similar problem with anxiety, in that it seems like the general advice therapists would give someone with GAD, rather than specific to type Six per se. I think if she could "get back to basics" and work the fixations of the types into her tips occasionally, they would improve immensely.

Really helps

elias.minasi on

For anyone who study the enneagram this app is very useful. The weekly tips help you to live it!

Not worth paying for

Hockeyplyr042 on

There was no test to help you navigate your type- you are given a bunch of cards and then asked if that's like you at all. No probing questions, just large swaths of text that could apply to you (and in some ways all of them kind of apply to everybody). This app should give you a more useful tool for discovering your type- very disappointed. I have never wanted a refund before for an app, but I want one for this.

Ok I expected more

glennzig on

Nice interface. Wasn't as informative as I would expected from a paid app.

Helping myself helps me to help others!

SuchAone on

I absolutely LOVE this App! As an enneatype 1, having "self-awareness" tools that I can access easily with my finger tips from anywhere and at anytime has helped me work through unexpected obstacles and challenges positively (particularly with other personality types).

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