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This app is meant to be a comprehensive tool for timekeepers to manage time, score, penalties, and more for Lacrosse.

The app has a simple main screen which allows all operations to be done without ever leaving the main screen.

The app allows for configuration of sounds, colors, and warnings in order to be used parallel with other tools. Depending on the game and setup, time keepers may use actual horn or other audio devices and may not want some of the sounds from this app.

Here is a complete list of all features:
* Large and bright Remain Time.
* Remain Time changes to bright red color and sounds warning for 30 seconds and 1 min (2 min during 4th period).
* Adjustable time for periods. Click on the time remaining before starting the game to adjust.
* Large and visible Stop and Start button.
* Continuous 10 second warning when clock is stopped during the game.
* Auto tracking period numbers and Overtime.
* Ability to track scores.
* Ability to track timeouts. 
* Ability to track up to 4 penalties per side.
* Ability to associate player # with penalties.
* Ability to release/delete penalties with a single click on the entry.
* Warning sound & announcement when penalties expire.
* Horn sound to announce the end of period.
* Support to disable screen lock to stay on during the game.
* Track time in the background.
* Settings to manage sounds and app behavior.
* Record Mode to allow for tracking detail of the game and allow sharing the results.
* Ability to track the running timers while in background or interrupted by phone calls.
* Ability to track teams and team players.
* 2nd timer support to track timeouts and halftimes, etc.
* Configurable # of periods.
* Ability to customize colors for main screen background color, teams colors (color for penalty buttons can be adjusted on iOS 15 and higher)
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Can’t change time remaining

LaxParent NY on

Worthless as you can’t update the game time left if you miss a start/stop or if your time does not match up with the refs. As a sideline parent this app can really only help you keep score since you will most likely miss a whistle at some point. You know, because you’re watching your kid.

Excellent App for Lacrosse

MegVA70 on

The features are easy to use and fixes some problems I had with other timer apps. The developer is extremely responsive and listens to what the end user needs/wants. Looking forward to sharing this with all of our scorekeepers and other teams will surely want to know about the amazing app we are using!

Simple and effective

Andy from CA on

Simple, but functional. Everything is done without ever leaving the main screen. It’s also nice that screen doesn’t lock while using it.

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Joe Ghalam
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May 8, 2019 (5 years ago )
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