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In many countries - especially in europe - you will find a special character combination on a license plate that tells you where a car is coming from or gives other informations about the car.

LicensePlate comes with car license plate shortcuts of several countries, from which you can choose very fast and intuitive (see country list below). It shows informations about the region where a car is registered and links to the maps application, so that you can see on the map where the car is coming from and use the maps application to let it show you the way to that specific location. A global full text search or simple search for plate keys is another part of LicensePlate. Once you've spotted a plate you can mark it and build up your collection of plates you've seen on the street.

This application is ideal for longer road trips. Be sure to have an answer when your kids play a License Plate quiz again... and hey, i like that Pub quiz idea...!

Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, Spain, Lithuania, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, former GDR, Japan, Turkey, Ukraine, Slovenia

No regional informations, basics:
Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Latvia, Hungary
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Love it

ovejito on

Would love to see an update for iPhone 6!

Useful app

Koop dogg on

This is a good app. Nice job developing it!


kysil on

Thanks for this App!

Great for long highway trips

Jill Eischen on

This app is really great for long trips on the highway through Europe. You can mark license plates as seen and see on the map from where the car came from. Depending on the country, there are regional or even special license plates, like diplomatic ones. I have been using this app for two years now and still, I've only seen 25% of Germany's license plates! All in all, this app is great to use 👍 It's fast, stable and user-friendly.

Missing countries

Doctortim2 on

Having fun using this app on the road in Europe, but it's missing several countries. Strange to have South Africa and Japan but not Albania, Bosnia, or Montenegro (which I've seen on one road trip). Also missing Malta, Macedonia, Monaco, and Moldova.

Amazing app

JDCHS2008 on

I came across this app when I still had my itouch (about 2 or so years before). This app really helped me to identify the various countries and the cities in Europe. I travel to Europe almost every summer to visit my relatives and this app helps out a lot. Do not be discouraged by the bad reviews, people obvious don't bother to read the description and immediately look at the rating and decide "oh I guess I'll give it a bad review as well". ****READ THE DESCRIPTION, before you get this app*******

Europeans only

TaylorMcardleis11andbuff on

This isn't for Americans only get it if u live in europe


sargonal on

If you drive or travel a lot in Europe, this little app is can be very informative and helpful. Thanks to the developer for all the hard work!


Ceefoe on

Volker, u put a great amount of work into this thanks

Great application but apparently...

991tts on

...some buyers are too dumb to understand that this app lists European license plates only. Giving this app a one star rating because you didn't "get it" is really stupid, sorry to say that. Especially since it seems to work great.

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Volker Bublitz
German, English
Recent version
3.80 (6 years ago )
Released on
Oct 8, 2008 (15 years ago )
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4 days ago