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Reference guide for lampies
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Lighting Handbook is a tool for all theatre, corporate and event technicians.
It displays detailed information on over 1000 moving lights, Dimmers, Consoles, Conventional fixtures & Effects with downloadable manuals for each fixture.

Other features are:
• Pinout Diagrams
• 3 Phase colours (Multiple countries)
• Torch feature
• IP Ratings
• DMX Dip switch calculator
• Access equipment info (Zarges & Tallescopes)
• Lamps information

There's also Electrical Formulas and Lighting Calculator available as In app purchases for Lighting Handbook users and are being offered at a lower price than the standalone apps.

The detailed info for moving lights, LEDs etc are:
• Weight
• Power Consumption
• Data Connection types
• Light Output (According to manufactures manual)
• Colour wheels/Mixing
• Gobo Wheels
• How many DMX Channels and in what mode
• Beam Size
• Lamp type

Dimmer Info:

• Mains connectors
• Mains out
• Data Connectors
• Dimmer connections
• Max Channel count
• Max Channel current
• Max current per phase
• Weight
• Dimensions
• Channel to phase info
• Any additional feature

If your device is connected to the internet, the manual is then available for viewing right within the app. You can now also store manuals for offline viewing either within Lighting Handbook or in your favourite PDF viewing app such as iBooks.

One other feature is the Pinout diagrams for the most popular data and power connections:
• Socapex
• Lectriflex
• DMX (3 & 5 Pin)
• 4 Pin - Scroller cable
• RJ-45 (Ethernet)
• DMX Terminators
• Avolites Download cable
• Martin DMX - RJ-45

Another feature is the Lamp Guide, Giving detailed information on individual lamps like Par 64, T class lamps, HPL's and more!
Information given is:
• Wattage
• Voltage
• Cap/Base
• Colour temperature °K
• Average Life Hours
• Beam/Lamp Length
• Any alternative lamp

Current manufacturers are:
• Altman
• Apollo Design Technology
• Arri
• Avolite
• Chamsys
• Chauvet (Pro only currently)
• ChromaQ
• Chromlech
• Claypaky
• Coemar
• Color Kinetics
• Compulite
• Elation
• High End
• i-Pix
• James Thomas Engineering
• Jands
• JB Lighting
• Jem
• Light Processor
• Look Solutions
• MA Lighting
• Martin
• Novalight
• Pulsar
• Rainbow
• Robe
• Robert Juliat
• Selecon
• Showtec
• Strand
• Studio Due
• Thomas
• Vari Lite
• Wybron
• Zap Technologies
• Zero 88

The library of manufacturers can be updated from within the app - Go to the settings menu, from there you'll be able to see what version of the library is currently installed and if connected to the internet, what version is now available for download. Click the "Update Library" Button and it will download the latest library and install into Lighting Handbook.

If you have a specific manufacturer or light you'd like including, please e-mail me and I'll try and include it in the next update.
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Lighting Calculator
Electrical Formulas


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3.33 out of 5

18 ratings in United States

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Useful but outdated and buggy

tailboard343 on

Trying to switch between menus like from the manual back to the library the app crashes. Also some things are not current.

Such a scam

Cherub126 on

Be careful with the premium library right after you pay for it the app locks up and you don’t get anything and there is no customer service to help or even get your money back.

Great features, needs updating

Ar69thpenna on

Love the information and accessibility, just wishing for it to have more current info on products, as well as to update the catalogue of manuals so as to reflect current software versions.

Great app

Imaginebeingme on

Really appreciate your hard work and time creating this app.

Needs to be updated

Jsp196 on

This app is very useful but it soon won't work at all and really needs to be updated.

Love this app but desperately needs update.

kmk919 on

Technology is moving fast. Missing a lot of critical fixtures but still good for some older stuff. Please update!!

You need to update!

Hoogiecoogie on

If you are going to charge for app features you should at least update and find ways to make the app better.

Awesome App!

DustinJWCook on

I can't tell you how many times I reach for this thing to double check wattages or modes. Absolutely love having it with me on the job!


Francesco A 81 on

Disappointed! You have to pay for anything useful given I'm in the field. You have pay for calculators, formulas and others, if you want the select the latest manufacturer lights, guess what you pay for that as well. Manuals are user manuals not service manuals. Very very basic info, the app should have been free with info offered or lack of. I feel I waisted my money and was ripped off.

Horrible app don't waste money

devilspaintball on

Horrible app, hasn't been updated in who knows how long and the formula page you need to pay for

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