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This is the Official Soundboard of LT.LICKME, the troller with over 1.1 Million subscribers on YouTube!

From the people who brought you the LT.ARMY App, we're back bringing you a brand new app!

๏ #1 Paid Entertainment in US ๏
๏ #1 Paid Entertainment in UK ๏
๏ #3 Paid Overall in US ๏
๏ #5 Paid Overall in UK ๏
๏ #1 Paid Entertainment in AU ๏
๏ #1 Paid Entertainment in CAD ๏
๏ #1 Paid Entertainment in NO ๏
๏ #1 Paid Entertainment in NZ ๏

Application Features
๏ Be able to troll whilst being part of Anonymous!
๏ Be able to troll whilst being The Watcher!
๏ Switch between Anonymous & The Watcher and troll with the famous sayings & phrases
๏ Choose between a variety of different phrases allowing you to become the characters
๏ Have the ability to Tweet to LT.LICKME himself
๏ Have all your favourite sayings from LT.LICKME in one place
๏ View all of LT.LICKME's social media
๏ Support for iPhone 6/6+/6s/6s+/7/7+/8/8+/X

๏ Follow us on Twitter
๏ Follow us on Facebook
๏ Follow us on Instagram
๏ Check out our website

If you find any bugs or issues with the app please tweet @DarkFoxLabs so we can work on getting them fixed, if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see in the app as well please tweet @DarkFoxLabs or @LTLICKME so we can take your thought in to consideration!
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User Rating

4.36 out of 5

379 ratings in United States

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it’s been 4 years since the app got updated we have ios 16.1 now

ClearHunter9042 on

the feature all people waiting for is we can type custom messages on our keyboard in the app with both voices , and you need to do bug fixes and improvements on the app the app should be in dark mode but on the top and the bottom it’s white, that’s a bug you need to fix


jdjzhxhzhzhz on


Kinda disappointed

angelizrc on

I wish we were able to have like a “text of speech” or have a comment section where we can type what we want to say and it will say what we would want with your voices. But I love the saying that you have there but if I wanted to talk to someone there isn’t much to use. But I would have loved to have a choice to write out what I wanted to say and the app will read it.

It’s amazing!

Commander_Zer0 on

I love this app so much. I’m a big fan of his work. I do think one sound should be added tho. I think the watcher should have a button that says,”Dp you understand”

Add more

Patrick Doyle drive sports on

I love this app. It actually is honestly a really good app. It’s fun and easy to navigate and use, and it really does sound like them. But the updates don’t do much. I would love to see new voice lines or an interactive part where u could type a message and it would say it. Maybe even add the female watcher. I forgot her name, but I feel that would be cool

Waste of money

shoqqryy on

Don’t download it, it’s a waste of money There is some voices already recorded when you tap on one of them it will play that voices. That’s all don’t waste your money on this Voices are available on youtube already.

Pretty neat but lacks content.

040715 on

I love all the sayings on here. But there lacking quite a few and I wish you added the girl watcher on here as well tbat would be super awesome!


Breven9 on

When I play the noise through my mic on my headphones it sounds good enough to where people actually think it’s a voice changer I love you guys keep up the good work

It’s cool and fun

red Rosies on

It’s cool

Good but...

hdususjshi on

This app is great I have so much fun saying phrases and messing around I bought this app a while ago but I wish there was a system that you typed something and your chose character would say it for example I would want it to say a show is good so please put that in and please make the sound quality louder or better just a bit and then this app would be flawless other than that I have experienced no bugs can u also add more characters please or a special like if you subscribe to your YouTube channel and you get the joker or Deadpool signatures and fan favorites please add some of the things I said other than that great app I really enjoy it!

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App Info

Recent version
2.0.1 (5 years ago )
Released on
Mar 29, 2017 (7 years ago )
Last updated
1 week ago