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Lush Cocktails is a simple and beautiful drink mixing app.

Find your next favorite drink for half the price of your last.

Our hand crafted drink list is focused on the best recipes. We are constantly growing our list of selections so if we missed your favorite, let us know and we’ll add it!

As you swipe between drinks, the liquid sloshes back and forth in the glass. We represent each ingredient visually, so you can easily see the ratio of vermouth and gin in a martini.

Lush will default to the primary measurement system used in your country. If we guessed wrong, just tap on the ingredients in a recipe to switch back and forth.

Searching for drinks with one or more ingredients is trivial. Go ahead, find all the drinks with Rum, Lime Juice, and Orange Liqueur. It's actually quite fun.

Picking a drink out of a list of hundreds is overwhelming. Try looking through one of our curated shortlists. Whether it's Brunch, Girls Night Out, or just some Rest for the Wicked, we probably have a list for you.

Are you in the mood for lime or strawberry? Or maybe coffee? Either way, the flavor lists will help you find what you are looking for.

Let's be honest, your memory is not at its best when drinking. Tap the heart next to a drink to add it to your favorites, so you can remember what to blame for your hangover.

* Sort by drink name or by glass type.
* Search ingredients and drinks by name.
* Automatic updates when new recipes are added.
* Works offline. Recipes are stored locally so you can use the app anywhere.
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56 ratings in United States

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Excellent reference

Paul1662829285 on

Very simple, intuitive, and snappy. Overall great to have on hand despite its shortcomings. For example, pictures aren't included and recipes are sometimes odd or wrong in an attempt to standardize all cocktails. Not all cocktails are included and it hasn't been update in awhile but it's an excellent starting point for looking up a drink. Most cocktails can be easily looked up and compared.

does not adapt to tablet screens

J9900x on

This app displays at a low phone resolution on tablets...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ............ ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ............ ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ............ ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ............ ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......

Fantastic app but no fullscreen for XS/XR

amoralez on

I suspect this just needs to be updated, but as of now, the app doesn’t support fullscreen for the newer edge to edge iPhone screens. Fantastic app otherwise

Before it was abandoned...

NeonRanger on

This app is (was) the cat’s pajamas. It had every cocktail known to man in a well-designed, fun-to-use interface. This app made weekend parties awesome!!! Sadly it has been all but forgotten... Not a single update in 2 years. I hope the developer is still around and chooses to update this before the next App Store steam roller comes around. Please don’t let this one die.

I love it !

ooooo!!!!! on

I love it so much and have been using this for years But could we pleeeeease have an update for iPhone X and bigger screens

No measures in oz only in ml

Tommy br on

No measure in oz only in ml

Needs more specific ingredients.

Wickedcor on

I love this app and it looks great. Some things bother me though, like the ingredients. Like when it says “Draft beer”. Okay, great, which one? There’s more than stout and ginger beer, and really any beer can be a “draft beer”. Same goes for red and white wines. Another thing that bugs me a little is that there are other ways to make some of the drinks. Like whiskey sours can be made with the egg whites. I’m not a bartender, but I am aware of a few things. I like this app and would love to see it improve. Something else I would like to see would be a swipe feature that would go down the list. The app has it when you’re searching for things, but nowhere else.

Doesnt seem reliable

cbrook54 on

I wish I didn’t buy this app. I wanted to check out more cocktails that I might of not heard of after a few years of bartending, and gave this a try. But there are multiple issues I have with drinks I know already, like some of the drinks recipes are not right and the way you put them together are just wrong...Don’t Rely on this app for a correct cocktail every time!!

No update

darsnack on

Is the developer still working on this app? It has been a year since it was last updated.

Good design, awful recipes

Marakpa on

I regret buying this app. It's not worth a cent. Recipes don't have a source, many are just copied and pasted like they were not tried before. Don't waste your time.

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