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Maybe you already know or have used the FIPE Table of Vehicle Prices in Brazil: a reference of values ​​that constitutes the consensus of the market price of cars, motorcycles and trucks.
Can you imagine having something beyond the current average price, or that of a given month, this being the standard functionality available on the institution's website? Mais FIPE is an App that allows you to go beyond this data: you will be able to view the prices of different vehicles and in periods of months, with a focus on graphs and selective monitoring, all from your iPhone. Ideal for buying your next car, or for a shopkeeper who deals daily with buying and selling vehicles. Download for free and try it out, with no set time limit. The considerable increase in the price of automobiles in Brazil makes this acquisition a complex decision, with strong repercussions on the family budget or on commercial businesses.

- Main features in the free version:
• Query car prices in the FIPE Table for the current month, and the graphic average in the last 3 months
• Keep selected cars as favorites, to follow them in a dedicated place, comparing based on brands, models, model year, among other market criteria
• Insert price alerts, so that you are notified when a vehicle reaches the target value
• Compare favorite models with charts then view discrepancies in absolute price and market average change over a few months: understand the devaluation

- The main features in the PRO version are all the above and:
• Get FIPE Reference information with vehicle's license plate
• Possibility of viewing the price variation of the last 12 months
• Possibility of adding up to 15 favorite cars
• Possibility of comparing with charts (price and depreciation) of up to 4 vehicles

Our focus at the moment is on cars, but let us know if you're interested in going beyond that. Your opinion matters a lot, because with it we can improve more and more.

And this is the main functionality: allowing you to go beyond the FIPE table, with more technology, data and conveniences - so you can decide better.
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