Mastering the 48 Laws of Power
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Launch your discreet, skillful campaign for power at work: immediately.

“Foundations” is the first in a series of apps that provide discreet, on-the-job training in the Arts of Power: how to acquire, maintain, and expand your power in the workplace. It is based on the New York Times best-selling book, The 48 Laws of Power, by Robert Greene.

**Thousands of successful users from around the world since June 2011**

This system does not provide you with sugar-coated, politically correct sayings and exercises. Nor does it offer the ubiquitous “secret-formula” for rapid success still used by charlatans to this day.

Real, lasting power is gained by seeing the world clearly (no matter how ugly some of it may be), and by playing the game of power: subtly, skillfully, and in a way that reflects your own uniqueness.

Play this social game wisely, and not only will you maximize your power, you will do so in a way that is fun AND profoundly reflects who you are.

Remember: power isn’t the problem, powerlessness is.

The Foundations app utilizes:
- 25 audio sessions + 5 Bonus sessions (approx. 15 min. each, 9hrs in total)
- 4 Integrated Tools (always accessible)
- A member’s web site (for home use)

Ideally, listen to one audio session on the way to work, as a morning briefing for your day ahead.

While you listen, you are given the opportunity to reflect on how various portions of Greene’s text (plus real-world business examples) relate to your situation. Each session ends with a suggested action designed to help you discreetly and skillfully enhance your power that day at work.

Each session also brings you closer to revealing and strengthening the Foundations of your power: the powerful skills, behaviours and perspectives you already have to some degree. Refine these, and it not only increases your power immediately at work, it also gives you the solid base you need to add power-enhancing capabilities that are new to you.

During the day you record any observations or planned actions within the four integrated tools.

The four tools are:
1) REFLECTOR: Self Assessment
2) DOSSIER: Analyzing the people you work with
3) STRATEGY: Your plans to enhance your power
4) PERSONA: A vision of the most powerful - and sustainable - aspects of your character that you should present to the world

As you complete each audio session, a new element is released within one of the tools to help you quickly record your observations and strategies.

By the time you finish the primary 25 sessions, the observations you have made, and strategies you have designed in the four tools, guide you along your own, unique pathway to mastery. Listen to the sessions again and again, or just keep refining and adding to what you’ve entered within the tools.

Robert Greene has been following the development and testing of this unique mastery system over the years. It was directly through the insightful feedback from our first generation users - and the endlessly practical wisdom of Greene’s work - that the 5 new bonus sessions 26-30 came to be.

WARNING! Action-based program
Pursuing mastery requires taking real-world action: however since AMS cannot know your exact situation, this app provides you with suggested actions. These actions are specific enough to be understood, but must be adapted to fit your unique disposition and situation. Therefore, we cannot know what form your final actions will take or be responsible for any consequences.

Rest assured however, Mastering The 48 Laws of Power is all about taking wise, subtle action.
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The navigation is difficult

JohnTheBodyman on

The information in the first two sections is excellent. I can’t believe our government uses these techniques on us. Knowing that makes this information very valuable to recognize what’s happening in today's political system. But the app has no way to navigate properly, and the website for this company is not working. Does anyone know how to move from chapter to chapter? Very frustrating

Waste of money

Hemantjindal on

There is nothing in it


Alwaysvip1 on

Great app , worth the money

Not worth the money

Jg3339 on

Listening to the lessons is great and all, but I would like to use the tabs within the app: strategy, persona, etc. these are unresponsive which is quite disappointing for an app that costs $35.


CombatJock on

I wish it worked. The app won't advance or unlock, forcing you to listen to the first lesson over and over again. They need to update to the iPhone 6. For $34, you'd think they'd have done this. Don't buy it until you see an update. FYI - you will not get a refund.

Does not go past session 2

Toshi_Natsu on

Once my app goes to session two reveal, no other sessions open other than that no real complaints about the app.

Be careful

Gemini93552 on

It's not easy to use and it keeps freezing . I've had to remove the app then down load it over and over be careful buying

Most used app!!

Jimbo.Kennedy on

I use this app every day to keep track of myself, my peers and my superiors. As a longtime student of all things hidden, this app delivers the goods! Every professional ought to have this app on their phone.

It's worth it.

Maestro805 on

I was very hesitant to drop this money at first, especially not finding apt of reviews anywhere on the App. But I eventually bit the bullet, and couldn't be more pleased. You'll feel confident in your purchase after making it through just the first few sessions. Great App and great tool for your quest to become a personal master.

Masterfully done!

Miguel G on

This is the one app you need to get.This application helps you implement the wisdom of the book. It does it in a very practical way. Each session is engaging and guides you through the process of developing your personal blueprint. I bought the application 6 months ago. In this short period of time, I have learned more than in the past 5 years. On top of the invaluable content you get, customer support has always blown me away. They also have a website dedicated to get additional content and insights for each lesson. I highly recommend it. I wish I would have stumbled on this sooner or someone would have told me about it.

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