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Metion is a notebook tool that focuses on the writing experience, uses Markdown as basic text syntax.

## Build Your Own Knowledge Base
Metion 2.0 brings a new feature named "Knowledge Base", the plain text syntax, then becomes mindmap trees, or connected as a network...

## The Writing Experience is So Important
Our goal is to create a great writing experience, specially for iPadOS, although it's not easy.
Metion provides a relatively complete keyboard shortcuts support. After a keyboard connected, both iPad and iPhone can archive a huge improvement in writing experience.

We also have redesigned the "Zen Mode" on iPad, a more focusing writing mode. It is very very beautiful, choosing a suitable background image, selecting the white noise you like in Zen Mode, and the irrelevant UI elements are hidden. Writing is a pleasure, writing is talking to the world, writing is your Zen.

## Data Freedom, Open Filesystem, Git Built-in
Metion based on the open filesystem, no need to create another new format for storing data. An article is a plain text file, and the images in the article are also under a certain folder.
Data freedom and open filesystems allow us to synchronize data across devices using iCloud or Git. If you have a higher requirement for data security, you can also make a backup very quickly by copying the entire folder (working directory).

One more thing, Metion has a built-in support named "history version" that provides a little more reliability for your documents.

**Also, if you know how to use Git, you can try Git to sync. Yes! We have the powerful Git as a built-in feature! **

## Optimized for iPad Pro, Also for iPhone
We tried the best to make Metion optimized for iPad Pro, when writing on iPad Pro by Metion, the iPad is a really more productive device.
Metion is also optimized for the iPhone too. In recent years, most of the new iPhones have notch at the top of screen. Metion does not simply avoid the safe area, but makes a lot of technical efforts to apply every pixel on the screen as far as possible. If using the visual theme of "Dark", the notch sometimes look like disappeared, like the next generation of full-screen phone comes.

## The Exporting of Metion
If using Metion to export as PDF, we suggest the theme of PDF can be set as "Printer" in Settings Panel. If there is a real printer connected in current local network, just print directly, it will be pretty when words on the real paper.

Document in Metion can be exported as image, which is optimized for mobile device (iPhone). We can set text and QR-Code signature at the end of exported image. Send it to friends through some social Apps. The beautiful layout of text can highlight the value of your words.

Metion can analyze the structure of current article automatically, then export it as "Mindmap" with one tap only.

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Not good

Josiah Sprague on

Glitchy interface, and you can't use it with an existing folder of markdown files


Chin~Trump on


Seems cool. Super geeky (in a good way) Don’t fully understand

skinny_much on

Is the app the same as this? Or is this a diff app? There’s no home page for this app. Just privacy policy and terms under the url. I got to this app by searching for logseq. It looks dope. So many features. I can’t tell if this can be synced with different apps using texts as their file system. Like logseq. 5 stars for being another cool building a second brain knowledge base app


atonglv on

下来体验了20分钟,感觉如下: 1. 可以调整文字大小这一点真是好评,眼睛舒服了 2. 打开时默认的淡黄色背景挺好看的,介绍文档中重点文字的配色也挺好看的 3. 第一次打开app时出来的漂亮的功能介绍滑动画给我的感觉像是一款手机潮款应用,而不是ipad专业级应用(本人使用ipad) 4. 中文文字输入不抖动非常舒服 5. 中英文文字之间的自动空格好评,这个功能也可以选择关闭 国产软件有时候总是给我一种“不会持久”维护的感觉,有一种不会做大做强,干一票就走的感觉(也不知道为什么会有这种感觉,难道是偏见?)所以有时候我还是宁愿选择外国成熟软件,但看到国产软件还是会下载支持的。


JefferyUS on

作为一个程序猿,我的写作场景是非常少的。平常写一些公司的文档,以及自己博客。一直没有找到过一款喜欢的编辑器。在几个小时的试用里,Metion还是挺让人喜欢的。 在这几小时的试用里,也发现一些问题: 虽然对中文输入有优化,但是似乎英文输入连基本的首字母大写都没有了,更不要说拼写检查了。也许有我没找到? 在某一些情况下,软键盘上的快捷条会消失不见:点击引用,然后点屏幕空白,再点文章编辑区域。 希望在新的版本里能看到改进!加油!


Necopaka on

今天收到了apple store的退款。 其实一开始是想支持一波“为中文写作者设计的”Markdown写作软件,不过后来还是发现我已经习惯了IA Writer的舒适界面,换到metion的时候发现菜单栏字体和图标太小,背景颜色偏黄,文字颜色也不是纯正的“黑”…… 虽然有文件夹分类是很好的,不过最大字数竟然是95000……我的小说一卷可能刚好超出这个字数,我是希望一卷一卷管理自己的小说的,所以…… 其他Markdown的功能没怎么用,但在“颜值”上这款软件并没有让我很好地进入一种写作沉浸状态,所以最后还是退款了。 希望开发者继续加油吧。

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