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Developed by an experienced mindfulness meditator. Contact us. We'll guide you and get you on a good path. This app is part of the popular TracknShare family of apps.

Review from App Store Australia, 5 Stars
Awesome app - by Nada gaza
"This App is amazing to manage cravings or any binge eat disorder.. It helps me be aware of what and why I eat and which will help me alot in achieving my goals.. I really recommend it to everyone"

Based on the popular Track & Share platform, this app helps you cultivate mindfulness. Developed by a mindful eater who uses it every day to bring more awareness and joy to eating. This is not a diet plan and not a calorie counter, but it might work better for your health and happiness. Try it out, it might be just right for you.

What is mindfulness?
Mindful Eating Tracker works with two modes of mind: awareness and doing-thinking. It is desirable that one can easily move between these modes of mind.

Stuck in doing-thinking mode?
This app helps by building awareness of different types of hunger. It also supports doing-thinking, e.g., you can track time set aside for eating, time exercised, and if you need to, track weight.

Basic concepts employed by the Mindful Eating Tracker app

Arising food cravings are real
Acknowledge an arising food thought by making a note. Decide to let it fade away or to act on it.

There are many types of hunger
Cultivate awareness of eye, nose, mouth, mind, heart, social, stomach hunger, thirst, listen to the needs of your body.
Hint: friends, not potato chips feed social hunger.

Enjoy, satisfy, express yourself
Consume the right food for each hunger. Become aware of how much you enjoy each food. Capture your level of satisfaction. Express gratitude.

Will I lose weight with this app?
You may, or not. The intention is to cultivate awareness and right action. If you need to track weight, look in the app's number category.

Does it work?
Graph your journey. You might find that taking care of your different hungers, making time for eating comes with more joy, satisfaction, gratefulness, and healthier weight. Did it work?

The visual calendar
Lets you explore trends and patterns one item at a time. To compare items use the multi-graph.
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2.38 out of 5

8 ratings in United States

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Excellent app for the money

craftyhilary on

This is a very affordable option for those of us aiming to track a number of different factors in our lives. It’s tricky to set up, and doesn’t sync between devices, but once your desired tracking topics are set up it’s easy and quick to use. Very customizable. Support via email was fast and informative.

Very helpful

Bisnan on

While there are some areas where this app can improve, I still find it very useful in keeping track of and identifying relationships between various elements that affect my day-to-day life. I love how easy it is to add things and the various ways they can be tracked, e.g., pain can be moderate to severe to not at all, you can count cups of coffee using a single tap; you can set something up to be measured in percentages, length of time, number of pounds, and more. There are areas that I don't use. I have yet to see how the calendar feature is of any help. It would be far better if I had more control of where items appear, so I could, for example, more easily compare how much sleep I had to how much patience I had the next day. And I wish that you could view the graphs horizontally so you could compare more elements together over a longer period, but it does not rotate. And even though it automatically appeared on my iPad when I downloaded it onto my phone, the entries I make on my phone don't appear on my iPad, and the annoying verticality is also there. Having it work across devices like my calendar does would be a great feature. That said, I use it very day and it has helped me stay on track on diet and exercise and to become more aware of how other experiences (like how much my neighbor's dog was barking or how much I socialized) affect my success.

Total waste of time and money

IveysMom on

Very confusing! I completed the tutorial several times and still can't locate the icons and buttons mentioned. Worst of all, there is no contact for support within the app.

Not worth it

aspenleaf27jay on

I'm really wishing I'd been able to try out this app before wasting my money on it. It's super confusing to get around and I spent way too much time figuring it out via trial and error. One plus is that you can add and modify the categories and charts, but that's all it is, essentially. Categories and charts. Certainly not worth three dollars.

Needs a lot of improvement

ThesHil on

The way the different components of this app are organized is not at all intuitive. It feels very all over the place. The layout overall is not user friendly and there are a lot of glitches. For example, almost every time I click on a category, I am shown a blank page.

Powerful but Timely to Set Up

Sarah Manx on

This is actually an extremely customizable app that can serve a lot of different health tracking purposes. I love that it offers multiple methods of measurement that can apply to quantities, moods, levels, etc. My dietitian gave me a mindful eating worksheet on paper, and while it took a while to set up, I was able to build the worksheet into the app for my daily meals. I also use it to track exercise habits, medications, and side effects. It's also extremely versatile for sharing and analyzing data. The only feature I'd love to see added is a better journal measurement—like a note that you can add to throughout the day, rather than having to re-write a note every time you want to change something. This would make the app pretty much perfect for mindful habit tracking.


123bno55 on

Don't waste your money it's not even worth it if free

Don't waste your money

Haydeeg on

Unfortunately disappointed there's no pictures on the icons just little blank squares. Not very user-friendly


Nursie076 on

I can't even open it!!! Keeps crashing!!

Just what I was looking for!

Vitheavymom on

I have been looking for just such an app for a long time. Slight learning curve. The "add item" button is very misleading. You only need to add and pay for a item if you used up all 20. The area to customize the items is hard to find at first! It took me a while to figure this out. Move or change that button to eliminate frustration. Otherwise... Perfect! Love this app!

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