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Now all you iPhone-using munchkins can get an unfair, yet completely legal, advantage when you play Munchkin or Munchkin Quest!

The Level Counter keeps track of your level (duh). It also rolls a six-sided die (and doesn't cheat). But best of all . . . once per game, you get a Boon . . . an in-game advantage to help you kill the monsters, steal the treasure, and stab your buddy. There are almost 150 different Boons, all illustrated by John Kovalic. The higher your level when you ask for your Boon, the better it's likely to be. And when you reach the winning level, it plays a fanfare. Your friends will hate you . . .

Bonus features include:
• Kill-O-Meter screen to keep track of combat scores.
• Counters for Chez Geek and SPANC (Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls) illustrated with art from the games.

This app is NOT a stand-alone game! It is a game aid for the Munchkin card games and Munchkin Quest board games by Steve Jackson Games. Munchkin is the dungeon experience . . . with none of that stupid roleplaying stuff. Visit to find out more about Munchkin!
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2.52 out of 5

25 ratings in United States

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Minimal Effort

RedPriest80 on

App only supports one player and it only counts levels and has a combat counter. For five dollars, it could have at least kept track of items being used and combat bonuses.

Not worth it

Muff1nRapt0r on

It should really be a free app. There’s nothing special about it. There are plenty of free apps that do more than this one and even better at it.

Unresponsive, Lack of Features

JustenEason on

The app goes unresponsive several times during a game. Also, it lacks many features that are present in other free Munchkin counters such as combat level counter and regular level counter. For $5, I expected this to be a much better app. I’ve tried to get my money back and will continue to press the developer for a refund.

Needs to be updated

HMK48718 on

Good app, but it needs to be updated for newer screens (the bottom and top on newer screens are just black).

App is... Okay

rustiwolf01 on

Bought this app for playing the base game of Munchkins to help with near-constant counting of bonuses during fights (especially ones where other Munchkins are trying to boost my enemies). That being said, the Boons are beautiful. They have saved me a time or two along with the beautiful cacophony of groans. Other than that, this app is less than stellar. The level 1-10 Counter is useless aside from the Boons and if maybe you lost your game board. Really bought this with the intention of being a quick way to add items and essentially be my digital ‘character sheet’ to keep my total power number readily available. Really thought that in 2-3 years, items would have been added. So if you want a simple 1-10 counter with an extra ability designed to extract groans and foul language from your buddies, this is a good app. Just maybe not at $4.99. Hopefully we’ll see items and in-game cards added soon.

Waste of money

AshlieCuster on

You can only track one character. Very disappointed I was really looking forward to using the boons.


Kryder7777 on

Not at all worth $5 so limited in what it does. Terrible in every aspect! DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!!

Worst Purchase Ever

Nyan Cat 56 on

Never buy this it is a complete waste of money and is created like it was in 2000

Mostly happy, but...

Miq2u on

Don't get me wrong, I like the app, but it is limited. -There is no Munchkin Epic, the Boons are a fun twist and a lovely unfair advantage, but if you just want a counter, get something else. I am actually happy with this purchase. When they add all the games, and add Epic maybe even some dungeon, I will be completely happy. I would even pay another dollar or two for that version!

Not Worth It

FridayFarmer on

This is a serious waste of money. It needs to be less expensive for what it is. Now, if it was an app version of the game? Yeah, that'd be worth your money. As just a level counter? Don't waste your money or hard-earned cash.

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