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My Siddur is to prayer what Drivers Ed is to driving!
A wonderful Prayer Training Program, My Siddur / HaSiddur Sheli is a powerful program providing the most effective method of learning how to Daven / pray in the original Hebrew text, the time-honored traditional way.
My Siddur is your personal prayer trainer.
My Siddur is a very user friendly transliterated Siddur that has accompanying professionally recorded audio CDs, to which you can chant and sing along, to help you learn or practice your prayers in the traditional Hebrew text.
This version of My Siddur has ONLY the weekday prayers. Shabbat & Holiday prayers - will G-d willing be available in future apps.
See also Birkon Sheli by Tools for Torah, a comprehensive Bentcher – Grace After Meals for all occasions, including Shabbat Kiddush and traditional Hyms!
The transliteration in this version of My Siddur has the Israeli/Sephardic style pronunciation (Shabbat vs Shabbos).
My Siddur is not a complete Siddur. It is a training tool to help people learn to pray in Hebrew.
See Screenshots here:

Its track record for success has been proven all over the US and English speaking countries.
Siddur Sheli is an audio visual prayer experience.
See the prayer and click the audio to hear it sung or sweetly chanted by Rabbi Chayim B. Alevsky, accompanied by professional music by world famous Chony Milecky -
Tools for Torah is in the midst of creating many more exciting Apps for prayers, Holiday guides, and skill building apps for Chumash and more! Visit for updates!
My Siddur will G-d willing be updated shortly with more audio, better quality songs and recordings.

Partner with My Siddur!
We are also planning to animate My Siddur – to have all the words highlight as they are being chanted. If you are interested in helping with programming or sponsorship please contact me @ [email protected] or 203 887 6044.

Please report bugs, fixes, comments and more great ideas to [email protected].
A Project of Tools for Torah, programmed by Isaac Levi.
Visit for more quality publications and audio.
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25 ratings in United States

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My siddur

amandapix on

I love the heartfelt davening and beautiful melodies However this app is very glitchy and shuts off when i move my phone It doesn't always respond to arrows and freezes easily It also would be nice to have an interlinear translation Please update the glitches i would love this more perfectly!

Incomplete app

albums to share on

Too bad that the app goes only through the first part of the original book :( Learning possibilities are missed!

Please Update for iPhone X

F6F Hellcat on

Desperately needs update, barely usable on current iPhone.

Needs update

kmakijr on

This app is okay and I would use it more if it was updated to work on iPhones with a notch. Also I would like to see a pause and resume button for the audio. Otherwise it is a great app for learning.

Ahavat Olam

ChanaRuth on

This is one of the most heartfelt Tefilot for me. I love praying in the morning with this app. There are a few issues I have. 1. The app has a a potion of this prayer. 2. The app is missing most of the shaharit service. I would love if you would add the Akedah. I also think it would be helpful if we could have the player at each prayer instead of the top of the page. It is somewhat hard to have to go back to the top to click the prayer at the bottom. I often hit the book and that means I must remember the page I am on because there is no way to go back. It would also help if there could be “Hashem” instead of A******ny. This adds difficulties when studying to say the words properly. One may not be praying at this time. I would also be nice if the Amidah could be set to play on auto play so that there is no interruption. I would love if you could add a second app with the Daily supplications, the full bedtime shema, and the blessing after meals and other foods. It would also be amazing if you could make one for Shabbat but let it say Hashem so we can practice it on the weekday without violation of the Brachot.

I can’t enlarge to see it so I may pray. Or even follow while audio is on.


Please help!!! It’s perfect otherwise but I can’t enlarge it to see it.

My Siddur-Weekday

I love Hebrew on

Please update to iOS 11.1.2

Great app but no audio

Vincent Pfeifer on

Please fix

Great, but can you please fix for iOS 10?

CoolGuy24 on

Thank you for putting out this app. It is quite helpful. However, it is not compatible with iOS 10. Can you please update?

Has Potential, But Many Serious Problems

iPheedback on

The Rabbi's voice is very nice, but I have several major issues with the app. They are: You cannot play a nigun and follow the entire prayer word for word because the nigun goes to the end, but you must turn the page to follow the prayer. When you turn the page, it stops the nigun and you must restart it. There is no option (and there should be) to play important prayers, such as the Shema, from the beginning to the end without stopping. It is broken up in sections. I would like to see an option to hear simply the read prayer without a nigun. There must be a different speed versions, especially a very slow option, for beginners like me. Moreover, when the rabbi gets into the Amidah, he does it only one speed: fast. I'd also like to have options of niguns without musical accompaniment.

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Chayim B. Alevsky
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1.0.7 (6 years ago )
Released on
May 18, 2013 (11 years ago )
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3 days ago