Navigator: Instrument Training
Learn navigation using navaids
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Navigator is an instrument training program for general aviation pilots. It operates in two modes.

In Learn mode you move and/or rotate the items on the map (VOR 1, VOR 2, NDB, aircraft) and see how the instruments (VOR 1, VOR 2, ADF, HI) respond. You can also change the orientation of the map by rotating the compass arrow.

In Test mode the map is put into a random configuration and your task is to determine the aircraft location. Move and/or rotate the aircraft until it is in the the position indicated by the instruments. You can also set the OBS on the VORs.
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Great app

HeliPilotPD on

Preparing for my first solo xc and wasn’t 100% w VORs. This app and a YouTube video, and I’m good to go.

Great for CFIs and Students

CaptainPicardEngage on

I frequently use this application when teaching my flight students about VOR and ADF navigation. Thanks for making a great simulator!

basic but clever VOR & ADF training aid

SciFi7 on

App does an acceptable job of helping students visualize their position wrt to VORs & ADF. The test mode is a nice option. For reasons that aren't entirely clear to me, I initially had trouble getting the app to perform as advertised, but it seems to be fine now and is a helpful training aid.

Could be better

Simair1 on

As usual it looks good but has areas that could have been thought out a lot better. Should able to fine tune direction. Should be able to turn heading of aircraft with heading indicator with out dragging it and again fine tune heading. Very glitchy Priced WAY too high, not worth it. Please work on it some more then please send out an update Simair1

Great app. Buy it!!

sgranlund on

As a 20 year instructor, i find this app incredibly useful in teaching position awareness in relation to the instruments...even if u have the ratings it's great to review and practice. I would LOVE to see a few things, if there were a few sample chart tile which could be layered on screen ex a section, low level enroute, and a couple approach plates precision and non. That would make teaching and understanding the instrument understanding and position awareness much better. I like the grid supplied, but the option to overlay a small section of sample chart would be nice. You could then practice entry patterns approaches ect. Also being able to move plane around w finger is great!!! If u incorporated a short looping recorder with a simulated altitude adjustment slider, then one could simulate a route/step-down/ approach or holding pattern, and play it back and see the instruments change. Play back as often as you like until understanding of the instruments really sinks In. All in all I do like this app a lot. For the price it's a steal. All pilots w iPad should get this just to brush up. Good job to the developer! Add the wish list features and I'd easily give it 5 stars!

Fun Little App

RittSea on

This app is a lot of fun to use to practice VOR and NDB navigation. It's very simple, but a very helpful and effective training tool. I would like to see DME included as a configurable setting in the future.

Nice Start!!

Muscledennis on

Nice start to a promising app. This is a great training tool for anyone working on their instrument ticket and who just needs to review visually what the the instruments will look like. As a pilot, we should always be training and instruments are one area that continually needs to be re-visited. This app should be added as one of your training tools.

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Laurie Davis
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2.1 (6 years ago )
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Mar 5, 2010 (14 years ago )
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4 days ago