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Simple Grocery Shopping List
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Need to Buy - Grocery List - Will not forget when shopping with Grocery list.
We often remember what to buy and go to the market or grocery store. Then we forget to buy something when return home.
Or we note into the paper and then forget to bring it when go shopping.

This is a simple app to make list item that we need to buy.
- Very little screen, easy to make a grocery list.
- Take your phone and go to the market, grocery store or online grocery store to check while shopping.

We will not forget to buy something, or buy too much than we need. Need to Buy - Grocery List will make our grocery shopping quick and efficient.

◆ Having a grocery list when shopping saves you time and money ◆

Keywords: simple grocery list, simple shopping list
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4.3 out of 5

33 ratings in United States

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Dedicated Walmart Shopper on

I love this App but if you touch any of the items in your list by mistake, this App deletes them to easily and quick, so sometimes I don't buy what I had on the list because they were deleted. This App should have a lock on it so you can lock and unlock your list when you want to so your items on your list don't get deleted.

Perfect list maker

belamart on

First gave 4 stars for not having the option to update after “buy” step, but just learned from another review that there is that option!!! Just hold & drag to coordinate your list. 🤩 You really need to make this obvious in your app presentation because that was my only criticism for your app. So now 5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️’s

Grocery list

Debbie-Willis, Tx on

So far I love this. Last night I found out that if you hold and drag the item you can keep like items together on your list so your not having to return back to another isle. For example: keep frozen items together; keep breads together; keep dairy together; keep produce together. Makes shopping faster.

Love it!

noidntwnt2curdick on

I’ve always been an avid list maker, but due to some recent health issues, I now need to keep lists because my memory isn’t up to par. This app solves my problem of having random lists in every room of the house and then forgetting about all the lists. I’ve always got my phone near me, so it’s much easier to just open it up and jot down what I need. I love that you can check stuff off and it doesn’t disappear - that way, I know I bought it because I have a record of checked it off. Another great part of that is if it’s a recurring purchase, like milk, bread, etc, and you forget to add it to your list, it’s already there and even though it’s grayed out, it helps jog my memory. Very minimal ads (just a slim banner on the bottom). Customization would be a bonus, but not really needed. I’d rather it stay basic with minimal ads and nonsense.

Just what I wanted

Hokiephile on

A simple app to make a grocery list with. No complicated steps of picking from lists and vendors. Just list what I want to remember to get and delete after I get it. Thanks!

Simple to use, but has one fatal flaw

Joe.Schaus on

Great tool at the market. My IPhone sits on the flat shelf in front of cart handle. The fatal flaw is, the phone does not timeout and lock at all, even if it’s not used, when the app is open. I am afraid someone may grab the phone if I turn my back to the cart while browsing the shelves. Since the phone stays unlocked, they have access to the phone now, as well as my bank account, credit card info, passwords, contacts etc..... I would hope the app can be updated to allow the phone to lock itself after a few minutes.

No longer good

WE Travel RV on

No good the delete button is in wrong Place and scrolling deletes too many Item Please fix the BUG

Grocery List

frayback on

I like the app but you can’t share it with family. I wish you could fix that cause it’s simple to use plus I like the keyboard on it. Thanks

Simple and Very Useful

Catwalan on

Great App

Dark Mode no show

J Albin on

Since the update, can't see items that are not checked when in dark mode. Can see the items that are checked just fine. Fixed! Thank you! Nice simple app. It's all I need!

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Tinh Tran Minh
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1.3.3 (8 months ago )
Released on
Jul 13, 2017 (6 years ago )
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6 days ago