OKN Strips
Optokinetic Nystagmus Testing
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Top selling diagnostic and therapeutic app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch!

OKN Strips can be used to elicit Optokinetic Nystagmus (OKN) for evaluation of neurological, otological or opthalmological disorders, includes a Red Desaturation mode and now has an Amsler grid for additional eye testing.

OKN Strips:
Tap the screen to cycle through speeds of the moving strips. Tap the strips icon in the bottom toolbar to toggle the color of the strips between Red and Black. Pinch or Zoom with two fingers to change the width of the strips. Swipe against the direction the strips are moving to reverse their direction. Tap the screen with two fingers to hide or show the bottom toolbar.

On the right side of the bottom toolbar there's icons to open the Red Desaturation and Amsler Grid.

Red Desaturation:
Use the colored circle to perform a red desaturation test.

Amsler Grid:
Use the Amsler grid to perform eye tests. The buttons on the bottom toolbar change color combinations of the grid.
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Before this app my professor and I thought I was a zombie.

Consmc31 on

My brain seems to be looking at things better now and my eyes feel like the computer vision syndrone eye strain I suffered from decreased significantly. I feel more stable now that I don't feel so stressed and dizzy. It's pretty expensive for just playing a pattern. And you'd be outright crazy to not pay $3.99 to see these changes. Also, the eye strain of having hella bad tunnel vision caused by the iphone was causing my dry eye because it's reversed with this app. They should make this technology have more peer reviewed double blind studies and also make it more well known that cybersickness and feeling like the phone is making you sick doesn't mean you are crazy it may just mean you need these exercises the help with something not natural like looking at a smartphone. Even my family members said they felt better using the app a few times. I feel like the smartphone made me feel like a zombie before and just feel a lot less tense and more relaxed. Look up the National Geographic article on cybersickness and you will start to see what some people suffer from with these smartphones being so prevalent.

Don’t want to keep paying for this and can’t figure out how to uninstall

f stitch Fish Bo on

Dont want this app

Want horizontal stripes

megletr on

Mine will only display vertical stripes and I need horizontal as well as vertical for mdds symptoms. I am not sure if that is possible with this app. If so, I don’t know how to do it

OKN strips

JohnKrunch on

This works quite well. Tap the screen to make the strips go faster. Level 1 through 5. I’m using this app to treat my nerve/ muscle paralysis in my left eye. It was recommended by my therapist. This exercise and time and hope.

No instructions

chennen2 on

Useless without


Breakersmoon on

Great app! Has corrected my issue with left hand shaking.

No instructions

Jacob91999 on

Useless to me without instructions on how to use it

Good app

SpaceSnaxxx on

Red-Black inversion doesn't work on grid test but otherwise a good app. You can get back to main menu from optokinetic by holding down on screen for two seconds and the back menu appears.


kalsajja on

Good app.. The only complain ill make is after opening the OKN strips if i need to go back to the menu containing amsler grid , i can only do so after i quit and close the application and open it again.. But its a minor complaint and i like the app.

Good App.

Bossy gamer on

Good App.

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Feb 19, 2012 (12 years ago )
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