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OptoDrum is an easy to use replacement for a bulky optokinetic drum or a fraying cloth tape to elicit optokinetic nystagmus for evaluation of neurological, otological, and opthalmological disorders.   Simply place the iPhone with a moving pattern in front of a patient’s eye to elicit the response.  The stripe pattern, width, and speed are easily adjustable.

• OptoDrum provides five patterns: black stripes, red stripes, mixed colors, symbols, and animals.

• Drag a finger up or down the screen to make the pattern move at the speed of your finger.

• Double tap the moving pattern to make it stop.

• Pinch or zoom the pattern with two fingers to narrow or widen the pattern.

• A left or right finger swipe switches a stopped pattern to the next one in rotation.
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2.14 out of 5

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HiyaUser on

Doesn't work as described. Can't switch pages to use different frames. Can't double tap to stop, have to close out and reopen to use another frame. It does not go as fast or as slow as you swipe.

cannot get pictures just bars

Poopoo butts on

this app does not show the photos of animals only the bars


tkmcg85 on

This is a rip off. Double tapping does not stop the pattern, so you can not switch patterns or colors. Very unresponsive to all touch commands instructed, in general.


22zazz on

This app does not work as described. I want a refund please!

Stop doesn’t work

DBdc on

Can’t stop the movement with double tap so once it’s going I can’t change between them.

Does the job

Functional Neurology on

It's a little tricky but with enough pinching, tapping the top where the icon bar appears, and sliding down on the screen you can change settings. Direction is changed by catching the movement to a stop and dragging slowly in reverse. It works better with young pediatrics than traditional methods of kinetic assessment and therapy, so worth $5!

Doesn't work as described

mysteryalias on

My first use of the darned thing and it won't stop on double tap as directed. It will change directions but not stop. Five bucks for a crap app. How about .99? At least I won't feel ripped off for buying an app that doesn't work from the start. Not to mention that it's just rolling bars! Haven't found color options yet, so that may not work either. Don't buy.


DC2474121050 on

Cannot change icons or freeze movement once started in current version ! I regret updating !

Won't load onto my iPad

Madelle on

Only loads on my iPhone. What a waste of Money

New version (1.3.2)

UM-SL on

The freezing issue in fact has been fixed. I've tried it on both the iPad and iPhone and it consistently has worked very well.

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1.4 (5 years ago )
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Jun 6, 2010 (13 years ago )
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