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Maximize Every Beat with Orange Zone: Your Heart-Powered Workout Companion

Elevate your fitness with Orange Zone – the app that tailors every workout to your heartbeat. Dive into science-backed training that harnesses the power of heart rate zones to amplify calorie burn and optimize performance. Whether you're clocking miles or mastering HIIT, your pulse is the key to unleashing potential.

Points for Passion: Each minute in the high-intensity orange and red zones earns you points, making workouts not just about time, but about effort. Chase down 12 points or more to hit peak efficiency and turn effort into results.

Heart Sync: Link your Apple Watch or any Bluetooth heart rate monitor to live track your zones. Witness your exertion level in vibrant colors and numbers – all in real time.

Personalized Intensity Zones: Orange Zone calculates your unique heart rate zones from your max heart rate. Stay focused, train smart, and watch your personal bests become your warm-ups.

Freedom to Move: Go untethered with the stand-alone Apple Watch feature, or let your iPhone be your dashboard. See every stat magnified as you stride or lift.

Multi-Platform Motivation: Kickstart and conclude your sessions with your iPhone – a real-time monitor and a post-workout archive of your achievements.

Inclusive Fitness: Orange Zone speaks to every body and every ambition. It's not just about being an athlete; it's about being more you, one beat at a time.

Diverse Workouts: Embrace the beat across multiple disciplines – from the swift sprint to the serene cycle, the hearty hike to the rhythm of the row.

Visual Zone Mapping: Five vivid heart rate zones deliver instant insight into your workout intensity. Know when to push, when to pace, and when to power down.

Transform Your Training with Orange Zone – Where your heart leads, results follow. Join the community that's redefining fitness, one zone at a time.

1. All Out (RED) - For improving performance and speed.
2. Orange Zone! (ORANGE)- For getting faster and leaner. Drives metabolism.
3. Challenging (GREEN) - For improving cardio endurance.
4. Easy (BLUE) - For longer exercise. Predominantly uses fat for energy.
5. Resting (GREY) - For preparation and recovery. Does not improve fitness.

Maximize your afterburn, or "EPOC" by earning at least 12 points, spending at least 12 minutes in the Orange and Red Zones. Or, opt for a lower-intensity day and stay in the Green Zone to improve endurance.

- Support for connecting any Bluetooth heart rate monitor or using your Apple Watch
- Start & stop workouts on your iPhone
- Monitor real-time heart rate intensity on your iPhone and Apple Watch (when used)
- See your points score as you work out and get a workout score after each workout
- Show your time spent in each heart rate zone
- Receive a summary email of stats after every workout

We value your privacy and never share or sell any user information.

Apple Health Integration
- We read your biometrics from Apple Health for personalization
- We save your workout data to Apple Health
- All workouts count towards your Apple activity rings

Requires a Series 3 or later.

Connect any standard Bluetooth heart rate monitor, armband, or chest strap. Use your OTBeat, Polar, Wahoo, or Garmin HRM.

Orangetheory Fitness
The Orange Zone app is made by independent app company PK Fitness Apps Inc. Our company and products are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Orangetheory Fitness company, OTF, or Ultimate Fitness Group, LLC.

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Great class!

Susi Kay on

Thanks for a great class.


lellacg on

On the AppStore it seems like this app is free. However, upon downloading, you can only actually set your max heart rate. That’s it. You can’t even start a workout without getting hit with a paywall. I might consider paying a subscription for this app if the prices weren’t so outrageous: $9.99/month or $89.99/year. I mean, in the long run, sticking with a regular OTF beat burn makes more sense: $119 flat fee. In addition, you actually CAN do most of this stuff on the Apple watch for free. Use the HITT workout feature, and orange theory provides your heart rate zones in conjunction with their grey-red zones in their app. Just look at your health data to see your heart rates and you can manually determine which zones your heart was in.

Started charging

booobies. on

This app was useful when it was free. Might as well buy the OTF monitor instead of paying for another subscription based app.

Great app

Jesse Lopez XGT on

Very easy to use with Apple Watch

It’s not free and Apple Watch HAS the zone feature

dinabona on

I saw a response to a review stating it is not free and the developer said that Apple Watches don’t monitor your zones. They do. Go to workout -> Select High Intensity Interval Training -> you’ll see your calories and heart rate but then slide down one -> your zones. I like the idea that this app uses the orange theory mode strictly and if it were a one time $20 purchase I’d probably buy it. But this costs the same as a heart rate monitor almost for a whole year.

why did y’all start charging…?

Xyrisse on

i downloaded this app because of the stellar reviews i heard from OTF members about this awesome free app that is perfect for those who don’t want to use the heart rate monitor and i was so excited…..until I realized it’s apparently not free anymore 😭 immediately removed. very unfortunate!

A must have for OTF Members with iWatch

Bvadel on

Get all of your OTF metrics in real time on your Apple iWatch.

Morning Glory

Susi Kay on

I love Adam! Simply the best coach!!

Not actually free

shrimppesto on

This app is no longer free. It has essentially zero functionality unless you pay for a subscription. Users not interested in a subscription model should disregard old reviews that reviewed it when it was free.

DO NOT pay for this app

Flexicon28 on

I have used this app for years and have loved it until recently. It no longer records my heart correctly, and I have spent the last 2 weeks trying to get in touch with anyone who supports the app. I’ve submitted support tickets via the app as well as sent emails to their support team. No one has responded. I paid for a year subscription, and now I’m left with an app that doesn’t work and no one to help with my issue.

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